Dog Food Diabetes Brands

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Diet And Diabetes

Finding the right diet for a diabetic dog is a key part of managing this disease. Article by Mary Straus and CJ Puotinen, published in the Contents Introduction Customizing the Diet Textbook Recipes Prescription Diets Non-Prescription Dry and Canned Foods Low-Carb Raw Diets Also see these related articles: Sunny (photo above) was so weak he could hardly stand when his now-owner picked him up to foster. He was quickly diagnosed with diabetes and stabilized. Today, at age 12 and on a raw diet, he looks and feels GREAT . Introduction As discussed in Canine Diabetes, WDJ May 2012, dogs with this disease require blood sugar monitoring, daily insulin injections, carefully planned meals, and scheduled exercise. Fortunately, most cases can be managed at home, and once their medication and diet are stabilized, affected dogs live just as long and actively as other dogs. The most important factor in choosing a diet for a dog with diabetes is that he likes the food and eats it willingly every day. We'll say it again: There is no single “best” diet for dogs with diabetes. Most diabetic dogs do fine on a diet formulated for adult maintenance. And most do not require a high-fiber prescription Continue reading >>

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  1. Trace65

    Ginger has been on dry science diet wd for 7 weeks now. I mix 3/8 cup withsteamed veggies, boiled chicken breast, teaspoon lowfat cottage cheese, and tad metamucil, add a lil broth for moistness and she gobbles it up. I have always read that science diet wasn't a very healthy natural food, but at the time my vet told me to feed it to her, I was so distraught and overwhelmed with the whole diabetes diagnosis that I just did what I was told. Sheis doing pretty good but my vets office is about to quit selling the Science Diet and go to Royal Canin. From what I have read about RC it's gets about the same reviews as Science Diet. I really do not want to start the Royal Canin if there is a really healthy dry food that I can order online and have it delivered to me. Does anyone use Merrick and do they have a diabetic dry. I just figure as long as I have to change we might as well get the purest and best we can. If anyone is using a natural dry food that is proven not to have alot of crap in it, please let me know. She doesn't like canned dog food. Thanks!

  2. Soaphie & Sydney's Mom

    we use Wellness Duck and Rice and add a little extra brown rice. Our dogs LOVE it!
    Also - you can order it online and the delivery is next to nothing!

  3. tazmom

    My dog was diagnosed with diabetes in May. I was distraught to be told to go to Science diet food WD with my choice of chicken in it. distraught because I chose Natural Balance after hega research and now the thought of all that corn, soy etc that is not in Natural Balance. The WD diet is for weight loss but my dog must gain 2 pounds which is contradictory to the WD diet in my opinion. so he must be fed a larger amount which amounts to more carbohydrates!
    Seems like too many carbohydrates for a diabetic.
    His symptoms of excessive thirst and urination diminished with Humulin N insulin AM and PM. I am only doing urine sugar tests (keto diastix in AM).
    The WD food could be working but I feel insecure about the ingredients.
    Then I read rice and potatoes in some natural foods are high in carbohydrates but do not know if they are worse than all the corn in the WD.
    I worked in medical field with diabetic humans for 35 years and carbs are not to be more than proteins (as is WD) and similar diabetic dog foods. Why?
    Getting frustrated with ingredients. I'm also afraid too many proteins can lead to ketosis.

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