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Nutrition In Diabetic Pets

Insulin is only one component for good diabetes control. Diet is also very important. A diet must provide for all of your dog's or cat's nutritional needs and should minimize fluctuations in glucose concentrations. There are a number of prescription diets that have been specially formulated for the management of diabetic dogs and cats. These can be particularly useful for achieving weight loss in obese pets. However, many diabetic dogs and cats can be managed on a carefully controlled program using their normal diet. Diabetes control with a nonprescription diet is much easier if a complete, moist (canned) food is being fed to diabetic cats. Clean drinking water should be available at all times. A reduction in excessive water consumption indicates successful management of diabetes mellitus. Importance of an ideal body weight In pets that are underweight or overweight, pursue respective weight gain or loss to help your pet achieve its ideal body weight. In underweight animals, diets high in carbohydrates should be avoided. Obesity contributes to insulin resistance. Overweight pets should lose weight in a gradual, controlled fashion. Weight loss in obese animals decreases the insulin Continue reading >>

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  1. rizzo

    My 11-year-old dog was diagnosed with diabetes this morning. I had been feeding her a mid-grade corn- and grain-free dry food with a third of a can of corn- and grain-free wet food in the morning. My vet was a bit indifferent on the food, but recommended I switched to a hard, biscuit-like treat instead of semi-moist or jerky.
    I know Science Diet and Iams and a few other commercial brands make food for diabetic dogs, but I'm not thrilled at all with those brands. Does anyone know of any good brands? Is dry food really that bad for my dog? Would fruit or vegetables make a better treat (she won't eat biscuits or hard treats)?

  2. bumblegoat

    Yes, dry food is bad for a diabetic dog. The best thing you can do is to switch the dog to a diet free from carbs, or with a very very low carb level. This means that any dry food is pretty much out of the question. You can feed a wet food, home made diet, premade raw or a home made raw diet. Make sure any premade foods have no veggies, grains or an extremely low level of it.
    Make sure you check the dog's blood sugar while making the switch. You can't just make the switch and then keep your dog on any diabetic meds (if you have any yet) and not check the blood sugar to make sure that the dog actually need any meds.
    If you do this your dog will have a happy life, pretty much "free" from diabetes. You most likely won't need to give your dog any meds, insulin etc.
    All carbs raise blood sugar, so eliminating carbs for a diabetic dog is the only thing that makes sense.

  3. Mr. V

    Please do not rely on people (myself included) as your sole resource for how you should manage your diabetic dog!!!! This is something that can be managed but if you manage it inappropriately can end up in complete disaster. Talk to your veterinarian about your concerns on teh food and WORK WITH HIM on alternative therapies instead of just taking internet advice.
    Having said that I will tell you a few things and you can look them up for verification if you want. Every internal specialist that I've worked with or for has rec. a diet that is high in fiber/COMPLEX carbs. The fiber/complex carbs slow GI glucose absorption and decrease post-meal glucose spikes when compared to diets that are higher in simple carbs. The goal is to slow absorption of glucose in the dog's GI tract to gain better control of glucose in the blood stream. Many meats can be too high in fat for a diabetic dog so you have to be careful with that.
    Also, DO NOT assume that your choice of diet will just make miracles happen and your dog can live a diabetes free life and all will be well without insulin. Please follow your veterinarians advice concerning medications.

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