Diet Coke And Diabetes Blood Sugar

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Does Drinking Diet Soda Increase Your Blood Sugar?

If you're watching your blood sugar levels, you're probably aware that drinking regular soda can quickly cause your blood sugar levels to spike due to the large amounts of easily absorbed sugars it contains. But you might not be aware that diet soda may also have an effect on your blood sugar levels, although research in this area isn't conclusive. Drinking diet soda by itself isn't likely to cause spikes in your blood sugar levels. A study published in "Diabetes Care" in December 2009 found that drinking diet soda had the same effect on blood sugar and insulin levels as drinking carbonated water. When consumed along with carbohydrates in the form of glucose, however, the diet soda did increase the amount of a substance called GLP-1 in the blood that may delay stomach emptying and minimize the effect of the carbohydrates on after-meal blood sugar levels, although more research is needed to verify this effect. Fasting Blood Sugar Consuming diet soda at least once a day was associated with an increased fasting blood sugar level and a higher waist circumference compared to not consuming any soda, according to a study published in "Diabetes Care" in April 2009. This translated to a 67 Continue reading >>

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  1. NewLife123

    Originally Posted by Zucker22
    You don't mention measuring your BG prior to eating the sandwich/drinking soda each day. Did you?
    If not, maybe it was high before drinking the soda? I'm a pre-D and I have been successful at controlling my bg with a low carb diet. I don't normally test my bgs if I have been eating the same foods. But there is no reason to suspect my bg was high prior to the Diet Coke. Emotionally, I was the same as usual. I was in a weekly meeting that always starts at noon and ends at 2:00. I just didn't have time to have lunch this time prior to the meeting. At 1:30 I was feeling hungry so I grabbed a can of Diet Coke provided at the meeting. Sometimes, seeing other people drinking soda gave me the false impression that soda would be ok for me too.
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  2. furball64801

    Maybe I am off here but 30 pts I sneeze at. If it repeats over and over then that is a trend. What you saw was one test, anything could have caused it, meter, nerves, food on finger and so on. I spike to me is 100 pts yup that is what my bg does and has for 36 yrs its been a real blast.

  3. NewLife123

    Originally Posted by qsefthuko
    Thought you might fjnd this interesting.
    http://www.webmd.com/diet/news/20140...rs-blood-sugar Thank you so much! Diet Coke has aspartame in it. That explains the bg spike in me. The study sample size is small but if I were in that study, I would be one of those whose bg went up. Aspartame changes the gut bacteria! And my gut bacteria after two months of healthy eating are for sure not used to the aspartame I drank, even in low amounts, not to mention I haven't consumed aspartame for years.
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