Diet Coke And Diabetes Blood Sugar

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Will Diet Coke Raise Blood Sugar Levels Up In Diabetics?

People with diabetes often switch to sugar-free products if they want to indulge a craving. For example, they might try sugar-free cookies or diet products that are made especially for diabetics or contain no added sugars. Based on that concept, switching to drinking Diet Coke might seem like the best choice. However, diabetics need to consider certain things before trying diet sodas. Video of the Day Diet Coke contains two sweeteners: aspartame and acesulfame-K, also known as acesulfame potassium. Diet Coke also contains artificial colorings and flavorings that have no effect on blood sugar. Blood Sugar Reactions Both sweeteners used in Diet Coke are considered safe for diabetes, according to Mayo Clinic. However, while the artificial sweeteners won’t raise blood sugar, the caffeine in it might. A 2004 study led by researchers at Duke University showed that caffeine consumption can increase blood sugar levels by up to 8 percent. Scientists are not sure why caffeine has this effect on glucose but are still recommending diabetic patients cut down their caffeine consumption as much as possible. Although the sweeteners in Diet Coke don’t directly affect blood sugar levels, they ca Continue reading >>

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  1. 1003hjf

    does diet coke impact blood sugar level readings?

    I drank a diet coke between lunch and the 2 hour reading--will this have an effect on the reading?. Thx!!

  2. Shanny


    Originally Posted by 1003hjf
    I drank a diet coke between lunch and the 2 hour reading--will this have an effect on the reading?. Thx!! It shouldn't, but there's always the exception to the rule. Was your 2-hour reading higher than you expected, considering whatever it was you ate for lunch?

  3. 1003hjf

    Shanny you are amazing in your speedy response! I have another hour to go before the 2 hour mark. Thx for your response about my other question. Would a "normal" person have a 155 reading after pasta, chicken and cake?

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