Diabetes Type 2 Diet Plan

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Defeat Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan!

Meanwhile, we are told to eat 50-60 grams of carbohydrates (carbs) per meal by the diabetes association? This is where the mistake is! Such a high amount of carbs causes large blood sugar (glucose) spikes, insulin is then administered, which causes your blood sugar to quickly come down and crash, in turn causing you to feel tired and hungry. Your only solution then is more medication and more insulin to regain control of your blood sugar, it’s a vicious cycle! Overall, it increases your costs and dependency of diabetic medication, and prevents you from achieving freedom from diabetes. There is a solution – Get off the blood sugar spike & crash cycle completely! By following a scientifically proven low carb, high fat ketogenic diet plan which halts the blood sugar spike & crash cycle and helps you reduce or even eliminate the need for medications, while simultaneously reducing your insulin needs drastically within a few weeks!* What Does this Plan have That Others Don’t? This is not just another “off the shelf” generic diet. You receive a customized Diabetes diet plan that is 23 pages of concise, to the point information and guidance specifically for your body weight! You Continue reading >>

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  1. sahil28293

    For someone who’s trying to build muscle on keto, try this:
    Eat your last meal two hours before you sleep(considering you sleep for 8 hours). Do your workout in the morning in a fasted state. If you need a pre workout, try a little caffeine plus electrolytes. Don’t consume anything for at least 5-6 hours after your gym workout ends. I’ve been doing this on and off for 4 months now and find it the most effective approach to build muscle on keto. (Should be something to do with the extension of growth hormone’s presence due to prolonged fast after the workout.)
    I personally do this(Approach 1): Eat my last meal by 6pm. Sleep at 8pm. Workout at 630am. Break my fast at 12pm.
    Approach 2:
    Eat my last meal by 12pm. Sleep at 8pm. Workout at 630am. Break my fast at 9am.
    Approach 2 is tougher to sustain at times. Feel hungry between 12pm to 8pm sometimes. Morning fasts are easier to sustain. I only have water, ACV water, electrolytes, controlled amounts of black coffee or espresso during the fast.
    If someone tells you to consume protein right after a workout, they are following a “fad” health industry bro science logic. That protein that they suggest does two things that highly concerns me:
    Raises your insulin (pushes you out of fat burning mode). We don’t lose excess muscle on keto as opposed to the other eating lifestyles because of the absence of carbs(that lets your body borrow energy from stored protein; aka muscles). So we don’t need that so called “fast releasing” protein.
    Protein (fast or not; refined or not) takes a lot of time for your body to actually build muscle. (There is a video by Eric Berg too on this.) For most people, the protein you eat today would be converted to muscle tomorrow. So, I personally believe the “have your protein right after your workout” is a fad. (Also, since it raises insulin, your growth hormone goes down. GH helps in building muscle and losing fat.) Do a little math.

    Also, one more thing. If you notice the “suggested usage” of these protein supplements on the boxes, they say “one scoop after bed, one scoop pre workout, one scoop post workout, one scoop before bed”. These are times when growth hormone should be up and insulin low in a healthy individual. Having these “suggested” dosages would make your insulin go up and you will not only hinder your fat loss but also be not very effective at building muscle. Fasted workouts and post fasts are a great way to keep that right hormone up and insulin low. Two birds with one stone.

  2. AMaj

    Great Post, what meal do you break your fast with? I heard rice cakes since it is considered a high glycimic carb which enable your muscles to open up more although it’s not a keto considered food.

  3. sahil28293

    Hi! Thanks!
    I do not do a Targeted or Cyclic Keto diet so I do not believe in breaking fasts with carby foods. In the absence of carbs and insulin, your muscles can still open up with leucine. It’s an essential amino acid; this means you can either get it through food or you can supplement it through a good leucine or BCAA supplement.
    I generally break my fast with a protein source with moderate to high amounts of fat, greens, and a leucine supplement. Ex: 200g of cottage cheese and 100-200g spinach stir fried in 1 tbsp butter plus a Leucine supplement. It keeps me full for 6-7 hours generally. Hope this helps.

    Sahil Bawa

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