Diabetes Insipidus Diet Plan

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Healthy Eating For Diabetics With Diabetes Insipidus

... Any disease, especially a prolonged one, brings a thought about good nutrition. Really, usually healthy eating relieves general condition of diabetics. In some cases, it is one of the compounds of the disease treatment. In other cases healthy eating relieves a person’s life, eliminating painful manifestations of the disease. {LikeAndRead} Why is Healthy Eating Necessary? Diabetes insipidus occurs due to disorder of vasopressin hormone production. With diabetes insipidus, its production is misbalanced. This is a reason why thirsty sensations occur.Diabetics have to drink a big quantity of water to compensate its lack in the organism. Diabetes insipidus may occur in case of misbalance in the work of a hypothesis in the brain. The other reason is a malfunction of the kidney work. Corresponding treatment is prescribed depending on the cause of the disease. There is no special diet for people suffering from diabetes insipidus, but healthy eating is directed towards improvement of the patient’s general state. If the disease occurred assuming brainwork misbalance, the diet for the diabetics is directed towards water need’s satisfaction. It promotes depression, nervousness and ir Continue reading >>

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  1. karihager1982

    Hi there - I've been on Metformin for just over 5 months now, and I was curious as to how much weight you've lost since being on Metformin, and when did the weight loss start to slow down for you?
    The first month of being on Met - I lost around 17 lbs and I've slowly been going down from there. I have not changed my eating habits what-so-ever, nor increased my physical activity.
    So to date, I have lost 35 lbs - and I am thrilled so far. I suppose this could get better if I would start exercising and eating a little healthier!

  2. kkat55

    Congratulations on the weight loss!
    I just started taking mine last Thursday -- 500 mg. I am upping it to 1,000 mg this Friday night.
    So far nothing has been lost, but I'm hoping.
    I put in my siggie the things that I've changed in the course of this last year after being dx with PCOS.

  3. dachshundqueen

    Worked out 1+ hr daily and only lost 12#, was only 15-20 over to begin with though.

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