Diabetes And Kidney Disease Diet

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Nutrition For Advanced Kidney Disease

Knowing what to eat when you have kidney disease can be confusing. You may read recommendations for a “renal diet” but there is no one renal diet appropriate for everyone with kidney disease. Kidney disease progresses at different rates for different people and the need for dietary restrictions may arise at different times during this disease process. To find out the appropriate renal diet for you, speak with your nephrologist and then see a renal dietitian for advice on how to alter your eating habits to fit these restrictions. Your kidneys have many important jobs in the body: Regulate the amount of water in the body Remove waste products Produce hormones for a variety of purposes, including making red blood cells and regulating blood pressure Maintain the body’s balance of different minerals and chemicals Make Vitamin D active to keep your bones strong When kidney function is reduced, many important activities of the body are affected and imbalances can occur. Thus, when you have advanced kidney disease, you may have to watch your consumption of various nutrients. The restrictions you need to follow depend on the imbalances which you have. Possible restrictions include: Po Continue reading >>

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  1. Janis J

    My Australian Shepherd has idiopathic epilepsy. I just read an article in ‘Veterinary Practice News’ which recommends a ketogenic diet for epileptic dogs – in other words, a diet low in carbohydrates, moderate in proteins, and high in fat. I have encountered similar recommendations elsewhere. I have been looking at grain free dog foods, but none seems quite to fit the description. (My dog is being medicated but still has occasional seizures.) Any suggestions? Janis

  2. Susan

    Yes, Im reading a book called ‘Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs’ By Lew Olson, PhD..She recommends a Low-Glycemic diet, high in protein & fat & low Carbohydrates…there are stories through out her book, one is about a dog called Jake a Doberman/Labrador mix, who started to have seizures when he was 3 years old, Jake was whats called a “Cluster” meaning he always had multiple seizures close together, Despite trying everything from conventional medications to acupuncture, his owner Jo was unable to get the seizures under control.. After exhausting all the usual medical avenues, Jo started to look elsewhere for alternative treatments, joining an online Epilepsy group, one of the things recommened by the group was a raw diet. With nothing else left to lose Jo started Jake on a new raw diet, Within five months Jake had gone from having seven seizures every two weeks to one a month, Her vet was astonised at the drastic improvement a raw, fresh food diet had made when all the other treatments failed..There’s more on how she explains how the sugar in carbohydrates can affect epilepsy, hypothyroidism, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, & yeast infections & how a low-glycemic diet is a good defense against all of these conditions.. Dogs dont have a nutritional need for carbohydrates..there’s more to read but too much to write..she has simple recipes in her book for illnesses, its an excellent read, its online for around $10..

  3. T

    A commercial raw diet may be the easiest way for you to try a very low carbohydrate diet for your dog. The major brands are relatively easy to feed (frozen patties) and contain all the vitamins and minerals to sustain life long-term. For example, Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw frozen patties have very low carb content.
    Here’s an article on my blog about a few brands of commercial raw food:

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