Can You Take Metformin And Victoza Together?

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Victoza Approved For Use. Should You Take It?

My plans for getting out of town are not going well this year. Because my friend Sandy works in the medical field, she takes continuing medical education (CME) courses here and there and I sometimes tag along. This month, we were going to go to San Francisco for a long weekend. I have friends there and some favorite restaurants, so I was looking forward to it. Well, Sandy quit her job and went back to school, so a long weekend in San Francisco gave way to an overnighter in Louisville. That’s OK. I have a favorite store in southern Indiana and was looking forward to trying out a new restaurant in Louisville. I could hardly wait to hit the road. That would have been last Friday. “Would have been?” Yep. The night before we were to leave, Sandy called. “Have you seen the weather report?” she asked. Good ol’ Mother Nature. Stuck at home after all, I took the opportunity to do a little digging about liraglutide (brand name Victoza), a new drug for Type 2 diabetes that was approved on Jan. 25, 2010, and should be available sometime in March. Victoza is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) agonist, as is exenatide (Byetta). (Byetta has been linked to an increased risk of pancreati Continue reading >>

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  1. AuntGG

    Victoza and Metformin

    Currently taking 1000 mg Metformin twice a day. I started Victoza on December 18th and I've lost 5 pounds! I attribute it to the fact that I'm just not hungry. Of course this could also be from the nausea that Victoza seems to produce (for me). Even the smell of food sends me running from a room. I must make myself drink fluids as I tend to forget, because im not hungry or thirsty, if I don't I feel run down and off balance. HOWEVER! Once I start eating a small little something, the nausea dissipates at least at tad so I CAN eat. Victoza slows gastric emptying and mimics gastroparesis (which some diabetics are familiar with) and Victoza is the KING of constipation. With all the bad that Victoza can attribute I am so very thankful to have it on my side! I need the appetite suppressant. I need the slow gastric emptying. This is what keeps me from eating like I shouldn't!! Can't wait to see where else it takes me.

  2. laserladyofla

    That's my combination too. But after a while my appetite returned.

  3. CalgaryDiabetic

    Daer AuntGG how much metformin do you take per day? And how much Vitoza do you take per day ?

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