Can You Get Rid Of Diabetes Type 1

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Diabetes And Depression

Tweet According to NICE, people who are diagnosed with a chronic physical health problem such as diabetes are 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with depression than people without it. Depression can have a serious impact on a person's well being and their ability and motivation to self-manage their condition. Depression is the most common psychiatric disorder witnessed in the diabetes community. People with diabetes suffering from depression are at greater risk of suffering from an episode of diabetic burnout which collectively can have adverse effects on physical health and potentially instigate more long term complications both to do with diabetes and independent from the condition. What exactly is depression? Depression is the term given when an individual experiences a number of symptoms including: Persistent sadness or anxiety, a feeling of hollowness An overriding feeling of hopelessness and negativity Feeling helpless and powerless to change your situation Loss of interest in activities or pleasures Lower energy and increased fatigue Insomnia, oversleeping, awakening early in the morning Concentration problems, memory problems and indecisiveness Dwelling on death or suicid Continue reading >>

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  1. Carol11

    How do I get this beast off my back. I can't live like this. I can't deal with this. I can't even control it. My A1C just keeps going up and up no matter how much I try to keep tight control or exercise or starve myself. Not even trying to match insulin does any good. No one will tell me how to get rid of this. I just want my freedom back.

  2. sugarless sue

    Sorry,Carol the short answer is you can't.You're stuck with it like the rest of us...but,we can help you get some control over it and come to terms with it. Tell us a bit about your Hba1c levels ,your daily levels and how much insulin you use/type and what you eat and there will be someone to give you advice.

  3. hanadr

    You can't get rid of diabetes, but you can take control. Try going onto low carb. Read Richard Bernstein and follow his "doctrine of small numbers". Low carb andlow insulin doses lead to fewer fluctuations in BG and feeling better. If you let it control you, you will not win and that's unthinkable. Read this forum ; ask for help as often as you feel the need and it will be there for you

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