Can You Control Type 2 Diabetes With Diet?

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How To Help Your Body Reverse Diabetes

Diabetes rates are rising, in fact it is now considered an “epidemic” in the medical community. The American Diabetes Association reports that: 23.6 million Americans have diabetes 57 million Americans are pre-diabetic 1.6 new cases of diabetes are reported each year For those over age 60, almost 1 in 4 have diabetes Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death Diabetes increases heart attack risk and 68% of diabetes related death certificates report heart related problems 75% of adults with diabetes will develop high blood pressure Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and nervous system disorders Diabetes costs $174 billion annually Diabetes is a well-established problem and a multi-billion dollar industry. It is medically characterized by Fasting Blood Glucose higher than 126 mg/dL , which ranges between 100-125 mg/dL are considered pre-diabetic and ranges below 99 mg/dL are considered normal. Studies are finding that a fasting blood glucose below 83 mg/dL is actually a better benchmark, as risk of heart disease begins to increase at anything above that. IMPORTANT: There is a difference between Type 1 diabetes (an autoimmune condition) and Type 2 diabetes Continue reading >>

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  1. gmb0899

    Metformin? Anyone taking this med for PCOS?

    Hello All! I have PCOS and just started taking Metformin. One 500 mg a day for seven days, then 2 a day for 7days, until I reach 3 a day. This med hurts my intestines and gives me gas and a headache!! I was wondering if any of you have had to deal with the side effects of this medication and if they will go away! Do you have any tips to help relieve the side effects? Should I stay away from certain foods? Thanks for listening!

  2. AK

    Hi Margaret - yes, I take metformin too. I started the same way as you, 1 a day first, 2 a day after the first week or so, and finally up to 3 a day. My doctor told me not to be in a big hurry to get to 3 a day - to take my time. So I stayed on "2 a day" for a couple weeks before increasing. Yes, bathroom problems are a big part of metformin, mostly at the beginning. Some suggestions: take with food! never ever take on an empty stomach, especially in the beginning. Some people have to watch eggs with the meds - some people claim the eggs make the side effects worse! I've heard that salads do this too for others....you will have to pick and choose. Basically, you should try to reduce your carbs as much as possible....a good website for more info is soulcysters.com. It is meant for people like us, with insulin resistance and/or polycystic ovarian syndrome. A lot of people have had great success with a diet for metformin patients called the "Insulin Resistant Diet" which primarily consists of linking your carbs with protein. Never having a carbohydrate without a protein kind of thing...By the way, your side effects will get better - but it stays bad for a little while. Many of us made sure to have access to a bathroom for the hour after taking the pillls first thing in the morning...in the afternoon, and again at night...I've been on the pills for 3 years now, and am used to them so much that I can take them on an empty stomach if needed. (But I still am afraid to do it unless I am around a bathroom!) Anyway, hope this rambled response helps. Definitely check out the website I mentioned - you'll find tons of support there.

  3. aimeexx

    Hi honey- I took it too, for a few years before I had surgery. It gave me diarrhea at first but that went away as my body got used to it. It actually made me feel much better! I never had to stay away from any foods or anything. The side effects should subside within a couple of days. Aimee

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