Can Paleo Diet Cause Ketosis

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The Paleo Guide To Ketosis

Ketosis is a word that gets tossed around a lot within the Paleo community – to some, it’s a magical weight-loss formula, to others, it’s a way of life, and to others it’s just asking for adrenal fatigue. But understanding what ketosis really is (not just what it does), and the physical causes and consequences of a fat-fueled metabolism can help you make an informed decision about the best diet for your particular lifestyle, ketogenic or not. Ketosis is essentially a metabolic state in which the body primarily relies on fat for energy. Biologically, the human body is a very adaptable machine that can run on a variety of different fuels, but on a carb-heavy Western diet, the primary source of energy is glucose. If glucose is available, the body will use it first, since it’s the quickest to metabolize. So on the standard American diet, your metabolism will be primarily geared towards burning carbohydrates (glucose) for fuel. In ketosis, it’s just the opposite: the body primarily relies on ketones, rather than glucose. To understand how this works, it’s important to understand that some organs in the body (especially the brain) require a base amount of glucose to keep fu Continue reading >>

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  1. tl_is_not_me

    I haven't gone too far over the deep end. This is a real thing. My cat is big large heavy fat and I was looking into how to more healthily feed him before he was daytime talk show material. The Internet being like the Internet is, I found all this info on making your cat's food. I looked into how much time that was going to take and realized there was just no way I could do it so the site had the 2nd best option: Stay away from dry catfood, it contained too much grain. Get canned food but make sure it was grain-free. I realized this all sounded extremely familiar and, sure enough, after wading through all the data I found out they're advocating keto...for cats. Here's a recommended food with it's protein, fat and carb counts in percentages coming out to 35/60/5. Seem familiar?
    If, like me, you ran out of human nutrition to read about and have a cat, you too can learn way more than you ever thought was possible
    *Cat Nutrition & Recipes
    *More Nutrition Including Actual Macro Counts

  2. Obligatecarnivor

    Meow. Can confirm.Am cat

  3. yoshi314

    cats are carnivores. feeding them anything else than meat is giving them a bad time.
    dogs are more versatile and can handle most vegetables. they still might get fat from wrong diet, though.

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