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Do We Need Yoga?

If you are a yoga enthusiast, it may be worthwhile asking the following questions With so many varieties of yoga being promoted today, each one claiming to be superior and pure, do they have any semblance to the yoga that was practiced in ancient India? Has the therapeutic or preventive efficacy of yoga in any of the states of human health and disease been conclusively proven? Is the practice of yoga totally safe? Yoga, in its myriad forms, seems to be everywhere. It is being made out that yoga has a very wide presence and acceptance, from Health columns in newspapers to dedicated TV channels, from India to the US, from children to the elderly. The contributions of ancient Indian civilisation to science, mathematics and philosophy are passe; yoga is being branded as India’s greatest contribution ever to humanity. And yoga has opened up great business opportunities for many. While some have opened up exclusive, ‘patented’, yoga schools in corporate style, some others, savvier and adept in feeling the ‘pulse of the masses’, have metamorphosed into big time Poojya Jagadgurus (with the prefixes of Baba or Sri Sri or His Holiness by hijacking and renaming one or two methods of Continue reading >>

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  1. carbo

    Confused - Pre Diabetes

    Earlier this year my doctor did a random blood test and found my fasting levels were a bit high. I'm so glad he is a great Doc. or I probably would still not know. Well long story short after a 3 hr test he determined that I was Pre Diabetic.
    Needless to say I was devistated. I went on a "fear diet" after that. I read everything on the net I could find. I quit the carbs, quit soda and candy, quit rice and pretty much anything white. Pretty much ate tuna,salad's, whole grain bread, eggs,and peanut butter and whole wheat crackers, etc,etc. For a while I was random testing and keeping a diary of what happens when I eat certain foods, testing before and 1 hr after and 2 hrs after.
    After eating most of the time I was in the 130's to 160's an hr after eating usualy leveling out to around 90 to 120 after 2 hrs. I ate two big slices of pizza once during this time and tested at 199. That was scary. Aside from that my "fear diet" helped me drop 30 pounds and my A1c was in the 5% range.I currently weigh 165. I was starting to get the hang of it, so I thought. (I did find out later I was actually doing an Atkins diet with out even realizing it)
    The last few weeks everything has seemed to change. I'm eating the same things and even cheating every now and then and to my surprise my sugar level has not went above 120. even after eating a huge bowl of chicken and white dumplings it was only 96!!
    I random tested the other night 2 hrs after a big meal of cubed steak and two spoon fulls of rice and it was 66!!! I was stunned..
    I drank a bear last night and again i tested an hr later and it was 67.
    I'm seeing readings of around 80-90 now after eating the same things that would put me over 140+.
    I thought I was crashing at first because I did that once in the beginning. (ate irresponsibly and went to 160 and crashed an hour later to 70) . But this does not seem to be the case now. I feel like Ive reversed from hyper to hypo some how..
    Whats going on and what could I be doing wrong? When I hit 67 last night I ate two Twizzlers drank a Capri Sun and ate a chocolate chip cookie to bring my sugar back up and 45 -20 min after all of that I was only 96??
    I'm am thoroughly confused now. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Adjitater

    It is called reactive hypoglycimia. Try eating samaller meals and more often it will help eliminate them.

  3. carbo

    Thanks for the reply.I cant help but think this is some kind of transitional point for me and maybe a sign that im going to go full blown diabetic soon.
    Its depressing after thinking I had a handle on the concept of eating low carbs and battling high numbers and now having to shift gears and keep my numbers from going low. Does this mean im doing everything right or is it a sign of progression of diabetes?

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