Why Does Diabetes Increase Bp?

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Type 2 Diabetes Warning - The Five Factors Which Will Cause Complex Condition

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin or the insulin produced does not work properly. It can reduce life expectancy if it is not managed correctly, and lead to considerable health complications. Around 90 per cent of people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes, which is treatable but not easily diagnosed. With thousands of people being diagnosed each week in the UK with diabetes - experts warn it is important to be aware of what causes the condition. According to Diabetes UK the five key factors which can cause the condition are: Your risk increases with age Middle-aged and older adults are still at the highest risk for developing type 2 diabetes. People most at risk of the condition are those who are white and over 40 - or over 25 if you are African-Caribbean, Black African or South Asian. Weight You are more at risk of type 2 diabetes if you are overweight, especially if you are large around the middle. Being overweight can cause type 2 diabetes because people have added pressure on their body’s ability to use insulin properly to control blood sugar levels - and are more likely to develop the condition. It was revealed yesterday that avoiding middle Continue reading >>

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  1. kverrengia

    Novolog - can the insulin novalog cause sever muscle reactions?

    I'm a diabetic on novalog I'm 61 y/o and have been on Novalog and Lantus for about 8 years. I recently have gotten severe legs cramps which are extremely painful. When these cramps occur I sweat profusely. These occur mostly at night but have occasionally occured in the daylight hours. I am on potassium and magnesium supplements and believe that these levels are at a normal range. Are severe leg cramps a side effect of Novolog?

  2. DZ DzooBaby

    No, insulin doesnt usually cause leg cramps. It is possible that it could be some neuropathy as a result of the ongoing disease progression of diabetes. You should discuss this with your Dr though. There are many different things that can cause severe leg cramps. Lack of circulation can cause cramping after a person begins walking and gets better at rest. Blood clots can cause pain in the calf/leg but usually this is accompanied by a red, hard knot like area, but not always. Blood clots, of course, can be life threatening so this is not something you should put off. Call your Dr for an appt to discuss this problem with him as soon as you can. Perhaps it is nothing, but it should be addressed. I would have suggested that you could be low on potassium or magnesium because nocturnal leg cramps are common with these conditions so the Dr might need to check your bloodwork just to be sure your supplementation is adequate.

  3. RA Rajive Goel

    I am 65 and have been a diabetic type all for 12 years and i only get hand and leg cramps only when i uses my levemir or novolog flex pen. At no other times do i cramp.

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