Why Does Diabetes Cause Blurred Vision?

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Thirst, Frequency And Blurry Vision……early Signs Of Diabetes?

Excessive thirst, increased urinary frequency and blurry vision can all be early signs of undetected diabetes mellitus. What you already know. Diabetes mellitus is the body’s inability to decrease the sugar in the blood. This “serum glucose” rises after every meal as our food is broken down into its basic components. In the normal situation, a rise in blood sugar causes insulin to be secreted into the blood stream. Insulin takes blood sugar out of the blood and delivers it to our tissues. As a result, serum glucose levels are kept low and maintained at a steady state. If insufficient insulin or no insulin is produced, then the sugar remains in the blood stream and the sugar level rises. High levels of sugar increase the “osmolarity” of the blood. Osmolarity is a difficult term to understand, but it reflects the ability of a substance to attract water. The higher the osmolarity of a liquid, the more water it will attract and retain. In this case, as the serum glucose increases, it will literally draw water out of our tissues. We feel thirsty because our tissues are actually dehydrated, hence the increased thirst. The increased water in our blood then causes more urination. Continue reading >>

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  1. JohnnyRM

    Blurry vision

    Im having blurry vision but it comes and goes my average blood sugar is around 240 320 could that be the cause i just got diagnosed with type 2 last week im not sure ehat to do
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  2. Triv

    Welcome to DD, Johnny.
    Yes, I had blurry vision when I was diagnosed. I thought I needed new glasses but it was my high blood sugar and as soon as I got my bg under better control the blurred vision stopped.
    If I were you I'd bring this to the doctor's attention tho, and possibly see an eye doc for a full exam in order to be sure what is causing your blurred vision.

  3. Seagal

    Yes, high blood sugar can cause blurry and/or distorted vision. Please have your eyes examined to be sure.

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