Why Doctors Don't Prescribe Metformin

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Metastudy Confirms Metformin Appropriate Treatment For Prediabetes

A study that reviewed several previous studies about the impact of using metformin on the progression of prediabetes to diabetes confirms that yes, people with prediabtes who take metformin end up with better blood sugars after 3 years than those who don't and are therefore less likely to be diagnosed with full-blown diabetes. This isn't original research, it's just a look at the major studies that have examined the impact of metformin on prediabetes. But because I hear from so many people with prediabetes whose doctors won't give them any help at all, I though it worth a look. Treating prediabetes with metformin: Systematic review and meta-analysis Muriel Lilly, Can Fam Physician Vol. 55, No. 4, April 2009, pp.363 - 369 The key issue to remember here is that the concept that "prediabetes" progresses to "diabetes" which treats the two conditions as if they were separate diseases is flawed. In fact, the medical definition of "diabetes" is completely arbitrary. A committee years ago chose some blood sugar test results and defined them as "diabetes." They could have--and many argue should have--chosen different test result numbers. But they chose the ones they did mainly, their own do Continue reading >>

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  1. Indiana Bones

    Hi guys
    I was diagnosed with PCOS over a year ago. Since the diagnosis, I have been waiting on the public health system to see a gynaecologist. I really don't know whether I really need to see a gynaecologist now though, because since my PCOS diagnosis I've lost over 8kgs (diet and exercise) and a lot of my symptoms have subsided.
    Now when I received my diagnosis from my GP (based on symptoms of PCOS ovaries, facial hair, obesity, lack of periods, high blood pressure), he mentioned to me that when I see the gynaecologist, she/he will probably want to put me on Metformin. Now from what I've read, Metformin is used to insulin problems, is this right? I'm pretty sure that when I had my glucose testing done, I was deemed not insulin resisitive, so I'm just wondering ...
    Do GPs/Gynaecologists tend to put PCOS sufferers on Metformin? If so, why?
    Is there anyone out there not on Metformin? What are the pros and cons?
    I have googled Metformin, but I'm really not understanding why some women are prescribed it and others are not.

  2. misse10

    metformin helps your body get your insulin to work better. i have taken it for insulin resistant PCOS and it helped me drop a lot of weight when diet/exercise couldn't.
    i also took it when pregnant as it's shown to reduce miscarriage rates (for those with PCOS issues) and then late in pregnancy when I got gestational diabetes. I'll be going back on it once i stop breastfeeding.
    i see an endocrinologist to manage by PCOS and am very pleased i've been on it. The slow release formula is on global shortage at the moment, whcih is less liekly to give you an upset tummy/diahorrea.

  3. Paddlepop

    Your GP can prescribe metformin for you. I've been on it for about 5 years now. I'm not diabetic nor do I have PCOS or TTC.
    I have a chronic illness that means that I get episodes that resemble low blood sugar (my blood sugar is fine) and the metformin has evened these out and lessened them. Plus I have a strong family history of Type 2 diabetes so I'm kind of using it as a preventative.
    Like others have said, metformin helps your body to use your insulin more effectively. If you are taking it and become pregnant, you need to stay on it until the end of the first trimester. It helps to prevent miscarriages in those with PCOS. Going off it doing the first trimester could cause a miscarriage.
    Ask your GP to prescribe it and don't wait until you see the gyno.
    Congrats on the weight loss!

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