Why Do Type 2 Diabetics Lose Weight Without Trying?

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Opinion Losing Weight Is Hard But Not Any Harder If You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Losing weight is an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes but beliefs that it's harder to shed kilos when diabetic are unfounded, write Andrew Brown, Mike Lean and Wilma Leslie. OPINION: A study has found weight loss could reverse type 2 diabetes. The UK clinical trial showed that 46% of people who followed a low-calorie diet, among other measures, for 12 months were able to stop their type 2 diabetes medications. This confirms a position outlined in a previous paper that people can beat diabetes into remission if they lost about 15 kilograms. Another study showed that prediabetes (a blood sugar level that is high, but lower than necessary for diabetes diagnosis) can be prevented by losing as little as 2kg. If weight loss isn’t already hard enough, many people think it’s more difficult if you have diabetes. One small study perhaps sowed the seed for this defeatist idea. A dozen overweight diabetic subjects and their overweight non-diabetic spouses were treated together in a behavioural weight-control program. After 20 weeks, the diabetic group lost 7.4kg on average while their non-diabetic spouses lost 13.4kg. But there’s more to this story than meets the eye. In fact, losi Continue reading >>

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  1. massey1234

    I'm losing weight, and it scares me!!

    Now, I know some of you are looking at my subject line like are you crazy, you should be glad you are losing weight!!! I'm not trying to lose weight just trying to lower glucose levels, I've been on low carb, I might eat one waffle in the morning and for lunch chicken and veggies, cheese and sugar free jello and dinner some type of meat and vegetables,but I don't watch my calories at all...I thought calorie intake determined how much weight you lost, I'm 185 now I was 192 about a month ago! Should I be concerned or am I over reacting?

  2. jwags

    Hi Massey, welcome to DD. I also do fairly low carb and have lost lots of weight. I never count calories either. I was happy when I hit my goal weight but then got sick and lose 10 more pounds because of dehydration and lack of exercise. I felt I was way too skinny at 115. On purpose this last week I've been trying to eat a few more carbs to get my weight back up to 120 or so. It is a fine balance between keeping good bgs and keeping up your weight. You can try eating more healthy fats like nuts, olive oil, cheeses . I was eating those Carb Smart ice cream bars at night but have a hard time finding them, now. If you can find them they are a good way to add calories . They have 9 carbs with 4 fiber, so 5 net carbs and they are delicious. I know with me when my hip bones start to stick out I know I have lost too much weight.

  3. glodee

    Hi Massey,
    Welcome to DD! Glad you found us. I was very thin when diagnosed and continued to lose for a long time after starting Metformin. I understand it can affect people that way sometimes. I steadied off eventually, after about 6 months, and never put any back on until I started insulin in Feb this year, 4 years later. I have also had my Metformin stopped.
    I think your diet sound's good for your diabetes, but you are unlikely to put weight on on a low carb diet. I would say tho do speak to your Dr or nurse about your concerns - dont sit & worry. They should be able to reassure you. I know how scary it is to see all your weight drop like that!

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