Why Do Toddlers Get Diabetes

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Hypoglycemia And Low Blood Sugar | Symptoms And Causes

What are the symptoms of hypoglycemia? While each child may experience symptoms of hypoglycemia differently, the most common include: shakiness dizziness sweating hunger headache irritability pale skin color sudden moodiness or behavior changes, such as crying for no apparent reason clumsy or jerky movements difficulty paying attention or confusion What causes hypoglycemia? The vast majority of episodes of hypoglycemia in children and adolescents occur when a child with diabetes takes too much insulin, eats too little, or exercises strenuously or for a prolonged period of time. For young children who do not have diabetes, hypoglycemia may be caused by: Single episodes: Stomach flu, or another illness that may cause them to not eat enough fasting for a prolonged period of time prolonged strenuous exercise and lack of food Recurrent episodes: accelerated starvation, also known as “ketotic hypoglycemia,” a tendency for children without diabetes, or any other known cause of hypoglycemia, to experience repeated hypoglycemic episodes. medications your child may be taking a congenital (present at birth) error in metabolism or unusual disorder such as hypopituitarism or hyperinsulinism Continue reading >>

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  1. Sushrut Sonkusale

    Because Indians dont do any exercise, nor they play any outdoor games. India dont have any free spaces,grounds,sport complexes,collage sports like western countries. Thus due to our unhealthy lifestyle we are number 1 in diabetes. You can see on indian streets that very few indians looks physically fit.Indian schools never teach to students the importance of sports and exercise and most of the indians thinks that their final aim is to earn money.

  2. Mario Clark

    Diabetes is also beginning to appear much earlier in life in India, meaning that chronic long-term complications are becoming more common. The implications for the Indian healthcare system are enormous.

  3. Ashish Ranjan

    First of all as a nation we are not the ones with highest incidence rate (%age population affected with a disease). In the current ranking for incidence rates we are at Rank 79, with an incidence rate of ~9%. However if you multiply it with our population it turns out to be a very big number.
    But an incidence rate of ~9% is not less by any means and the cause of all this is mostly the sedentary lifestyle that has come with the modern way of living, accessibility to fast foods and rising cases of obesity.
    Type-2 diabetes as such is a lifestyle disease and is mostly diagnosed in people who are obese and do not have a active lifestyle.
    So along with the billion of dollars and another billion of jobs that the modern day trade has brought to India it has also brought a lot of desk jobs and sedentary lifestyle for Indians and the result is the higher incidence rate for diabetes.
    So grab out your running shoes and start an active life and not Insulin

    Credit: Incidence rate copied from Prevalence of Diabetes in the World, 2013

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