Why Do People With Type 1 Diabetes Lose Weight?

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Why Does Diabetes Cause Weight Loss In Some People And Weight Gain In Some Others?

To understand dynamics of body weight first we have to understand Energy balance equation which states Calorie intake - calorie lost = Weight So if, Calorie intake > calorie lost = Weight Gain Calorie intake < calorie lost = Weight Loss Calorie intake = calorie lost = Weight is maintained Let's try to understand it in patients with diabetes Scenarios causing weight gain in Diabetes 1. In patients with type 2 Diabetes some may have predominantly insulin resistance ( cells are not as much sensitive to action of insulin as they should be ) This makes their pancreas to secrete excess insulin in an attempt to overcome this resistance . Excessive insulin coupled with high calorie intake causes weight gain 2. A patient of Type 1 Diabetes or type 2 Diabetes who has good control of glucose but consumes excess calories than he needs is bound to gain weight . A good number of patients resort to defensive eating for the fear of hypoglycemia and this also causes weight gain Scenarios causing weight loss in Diabetes 1. Any patient with uncontrolled diabetes will usually have weight loss . This is due to the fact that cells of our body are deprived of glucose as a source of energy and therefore b Continue reading >>

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  1. Lore953

    My life is miserable right now due to genital itching. I have gone to three different doctors and they all said they see no rash or anything at all that would cause the itching. I seriously don't believe I have a yeast infection because I have no symptoms of it.. One doctor said I could use Betamethsone cream 0.05% and I found relief until I stopped using it.. Then I went to GYN and she said not to use that cream as there was too much cortisone in it which would thin the tissue. She said I could use an over the counter cream that has 1% cortisone in it.. The problem is, I don't get much relief from the itching when using the over the counter cream.
    I'm thinking this must be a symptom of diabetes. Next week I am getting blood tests done to find out.. I cannot imagine living like this for much longer!! Its awful..
    Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks for any reply in advance.

  2. SamQKitty

    Hi Lorene,
    Sorry no one has answered this before, but I just signed on tonight after being away for a while.
    Even though you don't think it is...and no one has diagnosed it as such, I believe you very probably DO have a yeast infection, which is very, very common in diabetic women. I would highly recommend using Diflucan, which a doctor would have to prescribe.
    Many years ago, when my diabetes wasn't under good control, I had constant yeast infections and couldn't get rid of them. I treated one episode for nearly 3 years and couldn't get rid of it. Right around then, Diflucan came on the market and I read about it. Called my doc that day and demanded a prescription (she was reluctant, because it was so new). Anyway, took the Diflucan, got rid of the yeast infection (and got better control of my diabetes), and I've never had another yeast infection! But once you've got it, good control won't get rid of it, it'll only help prevent recurrences.
    So I would say...what have you got to lose? Try the Diflucan!

  3. Lore953

    Thank you so much for replying to my question.. Actually I've seen three doctors and they've examinded me & see nothing that suggested a yeast infection. There is no discharge, odor, nor itching up inside.. Its all on the outside. I can't get too graffic on the board here, but the symptoms don't seem like yeast infection.
    Today I got the results of my glucose fasting test and A1c. My glucose was 112 and A1c was 5.9..... My doctor said I was prediabetic. I wonder if that would cause itching? All I know is that I'm miserable.
    The last two weeks I have totally cut out all sugar and am not eating many carbs at all.. I'm getting discouraged at this point.

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