Why Do Diabetics Lose Weight

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  1. CyberJunglist

    Is Keto Dieting sustainable?

    I have read that Keto dieting brings diminishing returns and majority of people fall off the wagon without lasting a year. Are there long term Keto practitioners here? Is there any truth to the claims I have seen?

  2. and1_balla52

    Its very sustainable! It's not different then the people who stuff their face full of fruit,muffins,and granola bars, avoiding fat like the plague. It's their LIFESTYLE. Once you commit to a lifestyle, you're all in. Depending on your goals, you will be using different calorie and workout schemes, but could it be done forever? Why not? Ive been doing this for almost 4 years. There are others on here that are devoted ketoer's. It just makes us feel best. My mom thinks I belong on "Freaky Eaters" because of my love for fatty steaks pan fried in butter. I love this way of eating. If it works for me, then f what anyone else has to say. If people fall off the wagon, that's fine...happens ALL the time....I used to, until I realized what carbs did to my body, on every level. Psychologically and physiologically. So now, I just don't eat carbs. At all. A very different form of keto. But me personally, I am a carb addict. You wouldnt tell a coke head to ingest only a certain kind of coke from 5pm Friday night until Sunday at noon would you? It's just what works best for me. Keto is the best. I will never go back to a carb based diet. Was tlaking to a women I am dating, and we got to talking about weddings(lol, yeah...I know...) and we were talking about meals and cake, and she asked me, "Would you eat the cake at our wedding?" and I said NOPE! To me, stuff like that is just rubbish! Crap! I responded with a nice line..."All I want is a kiss from you, that's sweet enough" While imagining myself smashing a huge ribeye! Keto FTW!

  3. Blackjack68

    There are a few people on here that have passed up 10 yrs already, and I'm over 3 myself. We no longer keto to lose weight, we do it to stay healthy, and there's no such thing as "diminishing returns" regarding eating healthy. Young children with epilepsy have been kept in keto for years at a time and had no problems.

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