Why Are Gestational Diabetes Babies Big

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Add another line to the long list of medical problems associated with obesity: A new study finds that women who are overweight during pregnancy tend to have much heavier babies than normal-weight moms. “If the baby is born too large it increases the risk for very serious consequences both during delivery, for the mother and the infant, as well as later in life — for the infant,” said study author Mary Helen Black, a biostatistician with Kaiser Permanente Southern California’s department of research and evaluation. “There may be a general perception that, ‘Oh, the baby’s big, but so what?’ That’s a misperception.” In the new study, published in the journal Diabetes Care on Tuesday, Black and her colleagues examined health records for more than 9,800 women who delivered their babies at a Kaiser Permanente medical center in California between 2005 and 2010. About 60 percent of the women were overweight or obese, and nearly 20 percent developed gestational diabetes. Compared to healthy-weight women, overweight moms without gestational diabetes were 65 percent more likely to have babies with a birth weight in the 90th percentile or higher. (Women were defined as over Continue reading >>

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  1. AMANDA B(595)

    Gestational Diabetes...what size was your baby!

    Just curious as I have this - I dont need any medication, I just do the finger prick 4 times a day and find its always fine! Bump measures 2 weeks ahead and I have a growth scan in 2 weeks, just worried im having a whopper! dd 7ibs 8, dd 7ibs 11, ds 8ibs 15! thats why im worried!

  2. Michelle W(500)

    My son was 9lb 10, was on insulin and diabetes was well controlled. He was induced at 38 weeks on advice of final growth scan. Sorry, if this is not what you wanted to hear - i'm sure others will have had babies of lower birth weights - my husband is also 6foot2, so probably would have been big anyway. I had a forceps delivery x DR's will advise you on options if needed nearer the time.
    Hope this helps

  3. k c(24)

    My Daughter was 7lb 15.5oz's, i also had to be insulin controlled but as they refered me too late (lost paperwork) for induction she was born 3 days before term! I had 4 growth scans with her and in all she measured bigger than she was meant to be! dont worry you will be fine and if there is any chance your baby is getting too big they will interviene (sp?)

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