Why Are Gestational Diabetes Babies Big

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Macrosomia – 5 Myths About Big Babies And Birth

When thinking about giving birth, we often jump to thinking about the size of baby. There is so much joking and fear about huge babies in the movies, on commercials and even amongst friends. We think having a big baby means pain, complications and birth interventions, such as a c-section. But is baby's size something we really need to worry about? Firstly, it helps to understand some basics about the definition of big baby, and what it really means. Macrosomia Definition Macrosomia literally means ‘large body,' and is the medical term for a big baby. A baby is considered macrosomic by some if they are 4kg (8lb 13oz) or larger. Other professionals define macrosomia as a baby weighing 4.5kg (9lb 15oz) or larger. The average size of a full term baby is 3.4kg (7lb 8oz). Keeping in mind that an average is just that, an average. Some babies will be smaller than that, others much larger. That's how we calculate an average, by working out the mid figure. So there is a wide range of normal. How Common Are Big Babies? If we define a large baby as ≥4.5kg, around 1.8% of Australian babies are considered macrosomic, or big. Similar statistics are seen in the US with 1.8% of babies being bor Continue reading >>

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  1. NicoleBarclay24

    Big baby despite being well controlled?

    Hi ladies!
    just wondering...
    so I was diagnosed at 8 weeks with GD and have been diet controlled ever since (now. 34 weeks).... Just this week I've started insulin for my breakfast...
    my my question is has anyone else had well controlled GD and STILL had a big baby?
    my 34 week growth scan showed bubs is on 95th centile... And already measuring 2.9kg! And an above average large tummy
    Many daughter was born at 3.4kg full term (I didn't have GD with her) so im scared about how big this one will get as I really want a vaginal birth again...
    is is it possible to still have a large baby with big tummy and other complication (eg low blood sugar at birth?) DESPITE having well controlled GD? I feel bad... Feel like I've done something wrong to cause this...

  2. Mummymommy

    With my last baby born June 2015, I was put on insulin at 30 weeks to try and get my bsl under control. The units were continually being increased as my readings were still way over.
    My my baby was also on the 95th centile. I was told as I was on insulin I would need to be induced early at 38wks.
    i was also having regular scans and at 33 weeks found my baby already weighed 7.5 lbs. Then at 35 weeks she was estimated 9lbs and was induced a few days later weighing 9lb.
    It's hard to imagine what she would have weighed at 38ks let alone full term.
    And don't blame yourself because there is nothing you can do. I was diet controlled and eating as clean as I could and I still ended up on insulin.
    The only thing you can do is be proactive about your diet the care you are receiving and question anything that worries you.
    All the best

  3. Highschoolsweetheart

    Hi Nicole, I had a large baby with diet control GD, but we believe she was large genetically rather than "Diabetic large" as all her measurements ( weight/head/femur/abdomen) were in the 90 percentiles.
    If the abdomen is larger percentage wise than the other measurements, this CAN be a sign your diabetes is not well controlled ( not saying you aren't doing all the right things, just your body is struggling).
    Have you discussed your concerns with your health car provider?

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