Which Strategy Is The Best Way To Prevent Type 1 Diabetes (points 2)

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Is It Possible To Prevent Or Delay Type 1 Diabetes?

A partnership between JDRF and Janssen Pharmaceuticals seeks ways to intercept the disease before it progresses. What if there was a way to determine exactly who would develop type 1 diabetes (T1D) and doctors could intervene to prevent it altogether or at least delay the onset by years? JDRF, a leading research advocacy organization, and the Disease Interception Accelerator (DIA) group of Janssen Pharmaceuticals announced a joint venture earlier this year to take on this challenge.1 The goal is to identify the root cause of T1D and intercept its progression to disease before symptoms arise. There have been many questions about the actual cause of T1D. Work in recent years suggests there is a window of opportunity to stop or delay the disease before the onset of clinical symptoms of the disease.2,3 The autoimmune response directed against beta cells is suggested to be secondary to tissue damage and unrelated to disease pathogenesis.4 The presence of antibodies against the islets of Langerhans that were detected in the serum of patients diagnosed with T1D, but not in healthy individuals, led to the suggestion of the autoimmune etiology of T1D.4 Although T1D has been referred to by m Continue reading >>

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  1. Bountyman

    Medicare has adopted a single brand policy for all those that subscribe to Medicare's DME glucometer coverage.
    Use to be that Medicare would cover just about any meter you chose. Them days are gone. I called down to get my Bayer USB strips delivered and was informed that Medicare will only cover the TRUEresult test meter, test strips and lancets now. The meter also takes a special docking station and software if you want it to talk to your computer. The docking station is $19.99 and the software CD is another $9.99, out of pocket. Medicare won't pay for that.
    I now have a drawer full of good quality meters that are completely useless.
    God Bless America!

  2. patricia52

    My Blue cross now only accepts Bayer and accucheck. I don't know about in other states. By the way, I like the True Result meter but I would like to have more choices.

  3. Penny

    The new meter I got from Medicare is True Balance, I hate it. It always registers 40 to 100 points higher than the two meters I use most and like the best....Freestyle Lite and Ascentia Contour. This new one also needs a huge drop of blood and takes longer than either of the others. They also will only let me test 3 times a day. Still want God to bless America, but he could give the insurance companies a hard time.

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