Which Fruits Are Good For Diabetic Pregnant?

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The Gestational Diabetes Diet: Taking Carbs From A Pregnant Lady

When I decided, at age 40, that I wanted to try to have a child, I knew I faced a few elevated risks over younger women: first and foremost, I might not be able to conceive at all. I mentally prepared myself—as much as I could, anyway—for that and other possibilities, including the higher risk of the baby having a genetic defect. So far I’ve been fortunate. The one risk I hadn’t given much thought to—the higher chance of developing gestational diabetes—is the only one that has been a factor in my pregnancy. I’m fairly healthy, I have no history of diabetes in my family, and I try to eat well—lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and few highly processed junk foods. But older pregnant women—and that means even women as young as in their late 20s, believe it or not—can have a harder time regulating insulin, leading to increased blood sugar levels. Gestational diabetes, if not controlled through diet and exercise, can cause high-birth-weight babies and potentially lead to delivery complications, as well as increasing the risk that the child will develop obesity and type 2 diabetes later in life. For the mother, there’s also the risk of high blood pressure and a hig Continue reading >>

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  1. jsandell

    Can diabetes cause under-skin itching in fingers?

    From time to time, my wife gets intense itching under the skin of a finger or thumb. Nothing she does gives relief, from running hot water or cold water over it, taking aspirin, scratching, pinching, etc.
    She may go for months without the problem. When it occurs, it may last for days or week, then stop.
    Her doctor has no idea what causes it or what to do about it.
    Has anyone on this blog encountered this and found a solution?

  2. MCS

    I usually have to wait until the little nerve ending comes to the surface, then whack it off with a single edge razor. I had one spot on my thumb that plagued me for quite some time, pop up now and then. Not sure what it is.

  3. Peabody

    Hopefully some of our older, more knowledgable members will pop in and tell whether they feel that is neuropathy. It sounds like it to me, but I have no experience with that firsthand.
    MCS, you are a scary fellow sometimes, you know.

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