When Is Diabetes Awareness Week

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Diabetes Awareness Week

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  1. hagar_uk

    Metformin - Availability over the counter

    Just curious what the availibility of metformin over the counter is in different places around the world. A week or so ago I went out to spain, woke up at 1am to travel to the airport, doublecked checked I had my pills only in my half asleep state to forget to put them back in my bag.
    At the gate at the airport relised I had left, and gambled that I could see a doc in spain and get a new prescription.
    Was amazed to find out no prescription is needed in spain, was able to buy a pack of 50 tablest for 2.50 Euro (bet the NHS here pay more than that!) These were mereck Branded as well not some unknown generic company
    Just curious if anyone else has found metformin is available without prescription in their or other countries.
    Of course very daft of me to forget tablets, usually have some in hand and normal luggage

  2. Jill

    You have to have a prescription here in the USA. It is available in generic, but still requires an RX. I think it's fascinating to see what's available OTC in other countries. The US is so conservative with meds....

  3. hagar_uk

    Originally Posted by Jill
    You have to have a prescription here in the USA. It is available in generic, but still requires an RX. I think it's fascinating to see what's available OTC in other countries. The US is so conservative with meds.... I think spain is somewhat different to a lot of countries, I was in spain a few years ago and had a headache, here in the UK you can buy aspin or what ever in petrol stations/supermarkets/little shops etc. However could not get anything medical without going to a Farmacia where they could be bought over the counter.

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