When Is Diabetes An Emergency

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Diabetic Emergencies: Warning Signs And Steps To Save Someone’s Life

A diabetic can develop hyperglycemia (raised blood sugar) or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Giving sugar will be lifesaving if blood sugar is low, and is unlikely to do harm if sugar levels are raised. Diabetics usually know how to control their condition, but even people who’ve had diabetes for years or decades may be susceptible to an attack. Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) Symptoms: This can occur if the blood sugar-insulin balance is incorrect. A person with diabetes often recognizes the warning signs: Feels shaky and weak Skin is pale and feels cold and clammy Confused, irritable, and behaving irrationally Rapid, but full and pounding pulse; patient may tell you that his heart is pounding Patient will quickly lose consciousness if he is not given some sugar If you know a patient has diabetes and he fails to respond to sugar or his condition begins to worsen, call for medical help immediately. A person recently diagnosed with diabetes is more susceptible to a “hypo” attack, especially while he is becoming used to balancing his sugar-insulin levels. What to Do for Hypoglycemia 1. Sit patient down. Reassure him and help him to sit down on a chair or on the floor if he is fe Continue reading >>

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Last week my blood sugar was at 350 when I went t bed I took my medicine and went on to seep. I woke a few hour later and got up for what I don't kinow. I walked a little ways and fell tried to get upfell again ran into closet door knocked me for a loop and then fell over bath tub. ThoughtI brke my ribs went to the hosp stayed 2 weeks 1 week in rehab. I was in and out of consious for several days was doing real off the wall things. What could have happened blood sugar was around 250ll day don't know what I ate to make it go up. When I went to rehab I was so weak it took me about a week to get

  2. Cheesie

    I'm a tpe 2 diabetic. I try hard to keep my sugar low, but I've forgotten to take my pills in the morning, and don't realize it until I see a high sugar. I generally have no symptoms at 300 (haven't seen it much higher), but notice it when it gets too low. Then, if I check it, it's usually at 70 or below. It was once down to 42. I couldn't see clearly, and had to be very careful how I walked to keep from falling. Bought two candy bars—didn't care what kind—and choked them down as fast as possible. Sat quietly for about 15 minutes, and saw the numbers climb before I tried to drive. Haven't ever repeated that one!

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