What Type Of Neuropathy Can Cause Gastroparesis And Erectile Dysfunction In Diabetic Patients

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Diabetes Mellitus And The Nervous System

Classification The division of diabetes into two major types has long been known. The current classification1 (table 1) distinguishes type 1 (otherwise known as insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, IDDM) and type 2 (non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, NIDDM). This classification is important because the two types are distinct both in causation and management and is thus of direct clinical relevance. In Western Europe, type 1 diabetes accounts for perhaps 10%-20% of all patients, although in the world at large there seems to be an extraordinary increase in type 2 diabetes from an estimated 124 million at present to a predicted 221 million by the year 2010 with only 3% of all patients with type 1 diabetes. The many other types of diabetes, either secondary to other causes or specific genetic syndromes, account for only a small proportion of patients (table 1). MITOCHONDRIAL DISORDERS Mitochondria possess their own DNA (mtDNA), which is arranged as a discrete circular molecule encoding for a proportion of the peptides required for the components of the respiratory chain. MtDNA is passed exclusively down the maternal line of inheritance. There are several reported mutations in the Continue reading >>

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  1. Bernard Peek

    As always, don’t rely on medical advice from a bunch of random people over the Internet. See a doctor.
    But as others have said, this appears to be a diabetic ‘hypo,’ It means that the diabetic person’s blood glucose levels have fallen dangerously low. Insulin-dependent diabetics (like me) have to juggle with their intake of food and insulin. Too much food means high glucose levels leading to tissue damage throughout the body. Too much insulin means low blood sugar and that can result in coma and death.
    Triggers for a hypo depend in part on which type of insulin is taken, there are fast and slow acting versions and many people take a mixture. The risk with fast-acting insulin is injecting the insulin and then failing to eat. The risk with slow-acting insulin is waiting too long between meals. As a result the insulin is still working after the previous meal has been digested and is no longer providing blood glucose.

    Repeated hypos are a sign that the dosage/type of insulin needs to be adjusted. Anyone who has frequent hypos must not drive or operate machinery. Ideally they should not be left alone.

  2. Abbas Ghaffari

    Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar… Please read this article. https://www.medicostuff.com/diab...

  3. Susan Porter

    It could be hypoglycemia otherwise known as low blood sugar. I haven't heard about itching happening but anything is possible. could also possibly be a reaction to something.

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