What Kind Of Diabetes Needs Sugar

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Blood Sugar Testing And Type 2 Diabetes

Many people with Type 2 diabetes go through an unpleasant daily routine of sticking their finger to draw blood so they can keep track of their blood sugar. But a potentially groundbreaking new study suggests they might not need to. The main purpose of finger-sticking is to monitor the effects of insulin therapy. But most people with diabetes don’t receive insulin therapy. Even so, they are generally still advised to follow the finger-sticking procedure, a practice that has recently been the subject of some debate in the diabetes community. In the new study, researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine examined the merits of requiring people with Type 2 diabetes to test their blood sugar daily. For the study, which lasted a year, the researcher enlisted 450 people with Type 2 diabetes and divided them into three groups. Group One did no blood sugar monitoring. Group Two measured blood sugar once a day. Group Three not only checked blood sugar daily, they also received a daily Internet message of instruction or encouragement. After the year was up, the researchers arrived at three conclusions. First, there were no significant differences in blood glucose contr Continue reading >>

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