What Kind Of Alcohol Can Diabetics Drink?

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The Most Important Things To Know About Diabetes And Alcohol

back to Overview Tips & Tricks We recently held our annual mySugr holiday celebration. What a good opportunity to talk about drinking alcohol with diabetes and the effect on blood sugar, right? Reviewed for accuracy and updated December 18, 2017 — SKJ Party time! You can probably imagine it. Some snacks to nibble on, a live DJ spinning the (digital) wheels of steel, and some tasty adult beverages. In a situation like that, It’s all too easy to get caught up in the atmosphere and not think about your blood sugar. That’s totally natural – who wants to think about diabetes when you’re having a good time? I certainly don’t. But does drinking alcohol affect your diabetes and blood sugar? Is it something to be concerned about? Pay Respect! Here’s the deal. If you don’t pay some attention to alcohol and learn how it interacts with your diabetes, it will stop your party in one way or another, either during the dance-off or perhaps more commonly, hours later when you’re sound asleep and dreaming about your fancy moves. Cruelly, that’s when you’re least expecting it and when you’re at your most vulnerable. Having diabetes is no reason to avoid drinking if it’s somet Continue reading >>

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  1. Boo_Rid

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good cocktail for diabetics? I would like something to sip on all day on the beach, but I don't want my blood sugar to spike. I am thinking rum and diet coke wouldn't be too high in carbs. Any other ideas?

  2. nickfish

    Straight rum has no carbs. Flavored rum does. Captain Morgan Original has .3 g per oz.

  3. 7x5090g

    Here's a slight twist to the question. My diabetic father in law doesn't drink alcohol and does enjoy the different frozen drinks virgin style. Knowing these drinks are made from syrup, any idea of what options besides aqua that he can drink? He doesn't like sodas either. Anyone who has been to the GBP Mayan Riviera (Akumal/Coba/Tulum)? I have been there and they have a lovely array of drinks but never there with a diabetic before. Thnking of going down in May with him.
    Much appreciated.

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