What Kind Of Alcohol Can Diabetics Drink?

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And Diabetes

Diabetes is a common, life-long condition that occurs when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, or the insulin it does produce doesn’t work properly. Insulin is a hormone that transfers glucose from the bloodstream into the cells to be used for energy. If you have diabetes, your body cannot make proper use of this glucose so it builds up in the blood instead of moving into your cells. The chances of developing diabetes may depend on a mix of your genes and your lifestyle. Drinking to excess, for example, can contribute to individuals becoming diabetic. Diabetes is a manageable condition. But when it’s not well managed, it is associated with serious health complications including heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney disease, nerve damage and amputations2. There are two main types of diabetes3 Type 1 diabetes develops if the body can’t produce enough insulin, because insulin-producing cells in the pancreas have been destroyed. It can happen: Because of genetic factors When a virus or infection triggers an autoimmune response (where the body starts attacking itself). People who have this type of diabetes are usually diagnosed before they’re 40 and there’s curre Continue reading >>

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  1. Boo_Rid

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good cocktail for diabetics? I would like something to sip on all day on the beach, but I don't want my blood sugar to spike. I am thinking rum and diet coke wouldn't be too high in carbs. Any other ideas?

  2. nickfish

    Straight rum has no carbs. Flavored rum does. Captain Morgan Original has .3 g per oz.

  3. 7x5090g

    Here's a slight twist to the question. My diabetic father in law doesn't drink alcohol and does enjoy the different frozen drinks virgin style. Knowing these drinks are made from syrup, any idea of what options besides aqua that he can drink? He doesn't like sodas either. Anyone who has been to the GBP Mayan Riviera (Akumal/Coba/Tulum)? I have been there and they have a lovely array of drinks but never there with a diabetic before. Thnking of going down in May with him.
    Much appreciated.

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