What Is The Difference Between Type One Diabetes And Type Two Diabetes?

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Long Term Complications In Young-onset Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes

Young-onset type 2 diabetes patients have a greater mortality and lethality when compared to type 1 diabetes in similar ages of onset…. The differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes are fairly well-known in terms of insulin resistance versus deficiency, age of onset, typical body build, and treatment. However, the long-term outcomes of young-onset type 2 diabetes compared to type 1 diabetes have not been studied extensively. Constantino et. al. performed a study evaluating the long-term complications and mortality in young-onset type 2 diabetes compared to type 1 diabetes with patients having similar age of onset. This study, accepted in May of 2013, took records from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Diabetes Clinical Database in Australia and matched them with the Australian National Death Index to establish mortality outcomes in 354 patients with type 2 diabetes (age of onset 15-30 years old) compared to 470 patients with type 1 diabetes at a similar age of onset. The observation period was around 21 years for the type 2 patients and 23 years for the type 1 patients. Out of the total 824 patients studied with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, 71 patients died. There was a signif Continue reading >>

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  1. Fluffi_McPhee

    My nephew was just diagnosed with type 1, and my stepmother has had type 2 since her third pregnancy. She tells me they're completely different but I feel rather stupid, because the explanations I've found aren't helping. So a few questions: My nephew is 6, how big of an impact will this have? I read that type 2 diabetics don't inject, but that can't be true because my stepmum injects I think twice daily. Why do people think this? Thanks!

  2. [deleted]

    This is my favourite ELI5 of diabetes.

  3. grindbxp

    There are two major differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The first is who it affects - type 1 normally begins during childhood or adolescence while type 2 normally appears in adults or the elderly. The second difference is more important. Type 1 diabetics can't produce enough insulin, while type 2 diabetics do produce insulin but their bodies can't use it properly which is called "insulin resistance". It's a subtle but very important difference.
    Type 1 diabetes is a genetic disease and there is no cure. Type 1 diabetics are dependent on insulin injections because they can't make enough on their own. Type 2 diabetics sometimes receive insulin shots, but they aren't always necessary because having more insulin isn't much help if your body can't use it. The treatment for type 2 diabetes usually focuses on healthy diet and weight loss, combined with drugs that make your body more sensitive to insulin, and is something that many people can grow (or rather "shrink") out of with a healthy lifestyle.

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