What Is A Good Snack For Diabetics

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Healthy Snacks For Diabetics

Who says you can’t sneak a few snacks throughout your day? Even if you are diagnosed with diabetes you can still enjoy eating snacks between meals without being too concerned with your blood sugar levels. Here are a couple of foods that you can happily snack on without the risk of causing unbalanced blood sugar levels. Whole Grain Image Courtesy of: “Whole Grain Bread” by sakhorn38 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Whole grain foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and fiber. Try snacking on whole grain crackers. Cracked wheat, whole wheat, rye, and quinoa are proven to lower blood sugar levels. Apples How many times have you heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” too many times I guess. Well apples serve as a great snack for diabetics, specifically for those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Apples contain amounts of soluble fiber that can control blood sugar levels by slowing down the entry of glucose into the blood stream. Cheese Image Courtesy of: “A Block Of Cheese” by Mister GC at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Cheese has a very low glycemic index that is good for maintaining blood sugar levels. Food with high glycemic index can cause your blood sug Continue reading >>

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  1. MarineMomX2

    Roadtrip....snacks, what stuff do you take?

    Well the truck is all packed and I'm ready to head to Austin tomorrow and see my son receive his degree at UT/Austin! I've gotten pretty regular when I travel now at packing snacks to prevent those impromptu pull-off's at places like Dairy Queen, Taco Bell, etc.., but still wondering if I'm packing the right kind of things! My handy-dandy insulated bag is packed with:
    2 bananas/2 apples
    2 pks of peanut butter crackers
    1 spicy V-8
    1 pkg of Laughing Cow RF Cheeses(ok, they only have 1g carb/1gsugar/35cal each..figured that's not too bad!)
    1sm jar dill pickles (yeah, I just like them!) lol
    6pk/water - in the cooler
    What kinds of things do you pack for roadtrips?

  2. appleseed

    The problem with most of us is that we still have the cravings that come from riding what I call the Glycemic rollercoaster. We eat a bit of sweetness…(just enough, but not enough to hurt) and then our system starts spiking our insulin, which in turn releases all kinds of goodies into our systems, and the cycle starts again. Why not just stick to low glycemic snacks and foods to begin with?

  3. Pat Roth

    OOhh, I am glad I that I found this post! WE USED to travel some, before I was discovered to be TOO SWEET, now it is only an hour on the road to get to Drs or some of the kids, but I always take something to snack on,,,seems those wheels turning just jazz up my appetite, rather like when you don't have access to any food or nothing to drink, your cravings increase 10 fold! I bought a pkg of little crackers, or cheese/peanut butter crackers, always take my water jug—-might get a diet pop if we stop—sometimes I take one but since it usually hastens my "gotta go" urges, I save it for the end of the trip, or so—-
    I like plain, dry Cheerios too,sometimes sprinkle them with a flavored, salt—-love that sweet and salty mix. Or a pkg of M-M's mixed with nuts. Not enough candy in the mix to hurt, and it is a pleasant surprise to bite into a piece!! Now I am hungry again! haha—PR

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