What Is A Diabetic Test Strips?

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Why Do Test Strips Cost So Much?

Have you looked at test strip prices and thought, “These should be made of gold?” Well, they are made of gold, along with other costly chemicals. But some cost 16 cents apiece; others cost $1 to $2. Why this range? What price is right? Spurred by some comments from DSM reader John C, I decided to research test strips, and they’re amazing. In fact, I will need two columns to explore them and the issues involved in their best use. To understand how test strips work, you would need to know quantum mechanics and electrochemistry (whatever that is), and I don’t. Here’s the part I could understand: Modern strips work by measuring the electrical energy in glucose in the blood. According to an article by Erika Gebel, PhD, in Diabetes Forecast, “Electrochemical test strips, the world standard today, employ enzymes…that convert glucose into an electrical current. That electricity…is read out by the meter as a glucose concentration.” It’s much faster than the old way, which was based on reading a color change, and requires much less blood. Apparently, working with enzymes is hard. “You want hydration around the enzyme to keep it active, but not too much because that will Continue reading >>

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  1. PeckaRolloverAgain

    I keep worrying about GD - not sure why, maybe because I keep finding myself reaching into the biscuit tin/sweet box and also because my Dad is type 2 diabetic.
    Anyway, I keep getting recurring thrush and wondering if this could indicate that I am developing GD?
    I really hope not?
    Is there anything I can do to avoid developing it?
    I am 27 weeks.

  2. dinny

    Yes, Pecka, thrush is a sign of GD.
    diet can control it - you need Hunker to see this, she had it last pg.

  3. PeckaRolloverAgain

    I dont know why but I REALLY dont want to have it!!
    Have just read some horrifying stuff about stillbirth, prone to obesity in later life etc
    Hunker - helllllllllllllllp!

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