What Fruits Diabetics Should Avoid?

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Fruits Diabetics Should Avoid-must Read

On reading the heading, you would have thought that why I am asking you to get beware of fruits. In fact, fruits are the most essentials food items that are packed with vitamins and minerals for our body. Even the doctors advise patients to have fruit whenever they got ill!! So what’s wrong with the fruits? Can they harm our body if taken in excess? The answer is YES!!! Contrary to what we have been told from generations that the fruits are the most healthy food available, eating them in excess can harm us like anything. You may find above statement difficult to digest, but there are various research that confirmed that statement. It’s been found that eating fruits in excess make you vulnerable to conditions like Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart problems. Click here to understand the basics of diabetes But how can such simple and natural food cause diabetes? Fruits though found naturally are not that simple as we think. Majority of the fruits are full of fructose which is a complex form of carbohydrates. Let me explain it to you in a simple way; If you are diabetic, you must have understood by now that your pancreas is inefficient and has difficulty to metabolize sugar (or c Continue reading >>

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  1. teneillv

    Last few months I've noticed a strong metallic taste in my mouth when I get low... such a gross taste and it makes anything I eat taste awful too. It only happens when I'm low... I googled it and couldn't find any relation between the two. Does this happen to anyone else? (FYI I've had type 1 for 4 years with good control, I've been on a pump for 3 ears... my A1Cs are always under 6%. Thanks!!)

  2. Cormac_Doyle

    yep - its a common warning sign of low blood sugars ...

  3. Bountyman

    I experienced this a few weeks before being diagnosed. The only thing I could put in my mouth that didn't taste like someone's coin collection was milk and cold table grapes. Since milk and table grapes weren't going to actually sustain me...and that a friend of mine found me face down in the carpet...we took a ride to the ER with sirens a blazing. My BG? 513mg/dL. I would then assume, by your posting, that lows & highs can produce this affect equally.
    That...or your not brushing as regularly as you used to.

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