What Does It Feel Like When Your Blood Sugar Is Too High?

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9 Signs Of High Blood Sugar You Should Never Ignore, Even If You Aren’t Diabetic

Everyone likes something a little sweet now and again, but depending on our bodies, we may have to be a little more careful when it comes to indulging than others. This caution is not just about things like weight gain or even the inflammation of the gut and candida overgrowth that eating too much sugar can cause. In fact, it’s much simpler, but can be much more dangerous to your health: it’s your blood sugar levels. Now, your body and blood need a certain amount of sugar for energy, but too much can cause serious health complications like diabetes, hyperglycemia. Too high blood sugar can also cause a host of very unpleasant symptoms, with a diabetic coma being the most severe. (This can also happen when your blood sugar is too low, but that’s another issue!) Luckily, there are lots of warning signs before a coma happens, so don’t freak out. Just be sure that you’re paying attention to what your body is telling you, and if you have existing issues with blood sugar, make sure your doctor knows all about any symptoms or changes you may have experienced. Learn the signs you that could be warning you that your blood sugar is getting too high. Obviously, if you take your blood Continue reading >>

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  1. mem5610

    I SWEAR,MY DIABETES IS THE .i got up this morning feeling like i just had an all you can eat in a sugar plant!i tested my sugar with 3 different meters and 6 different fingers.and my ranger was 90-121Mgd.i dont want to take anymore insulin than what i needed cause of the readings,but i also go on how i feel as well.i called my dr and she said that i should go with what im doing and if i get worse,call her back. any ideas what might be wrong?

  2. KwiteKontrarie

    My son has also had "felt" high, but was really low, or "felt" low, but was really high. Thankfully, he's testing faithfully now that he's discovered that he really can't tell one way, or the other, very consistently.
    I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy when your sugars are looking so good. Have you looked into other reasons for feeling so bad? Something you ate not sit well with you? Coming down with an illness? Poor night's sleep maybe? Allergies to something?
    Do you keep a food diary? My son doesn't, but it's not a bad idea. Sometimes keeping some kind of journal of your meals, sugars, and sleep patterns, etc. could help your doctor (or you!) figure out what triggers a bad day for you. I understand being resistant to it. I'm suppose to keep a "headache diary" for my neurosurgeon, but I don't. I'm not having enough trouble to warrant it.

  3. ln3158

    To monitor your blood sugars is very important when you have diabetes. High bs causes symptoms that you do not have control. When my blood sugar was high I felt nauseous and ate everything in site. Now I eat healthy and my bs has been normal. Too many carbs can cause one not to feel well. Monitor bs often, probably once before each meal and at bed time. Then you will know how you diabetes is definitely doing.

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