What Does Gestational Diabetes Do To The Baby?

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  1. Dean83

    Hi all i have a question for you guys and it might sound silly but do any of you have eye floaters(the squiggly lines or dots in your sight). A year ago when i was first diagnosed i had my eye screening and they told me i had very early changes in my eyes and it scared the hell out of me and still frightens me now. I spoke to the opticians who couldnt find anything and even told me i have healthy eyes and not to worry even my nurse tells me not to worry and its a pretty standard letter that most diabetics get. Now my problem is when i walk into a bright room i can see a few floaters that shoot around my eyesight, its possible that iv had these for years but have been reading too much about retinopathy on the internet and just worrying myself. What do u guys think and is it common?

  2. Alanp35

    I have them as well, and it can be a concern. However I have been assured that all is OK with my eyes even after annual eye screening. It is disconcerting to have small blobs floating around. Never quite sure if I have seen something out of the corner of my eye or not.
    If,it is worrying you go back to GP and/or optometrist.

  3. noblehead

    As long as you've had your eyes checked there shouldn't be anything to worry about, however if your vision gets worse then it's always worth going back and having your eyes examined again. Anyone can get eye floaters and not just those who have diabetes.

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