What Do Diabetes Feel Like

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What Does A Diabetic Headache Feel Like?

About Diabetes & Diabetic Headache When your body's ability to use or produce insulin gets impaired, it gives way to a disease known as diabetes. Insulin is a hormone which helps the body to use glucose or sugar derived from the food we eat to give us energy or store it for future use. Made in the pancreas, insulin also helps prevent the blood sugar levels from getting both too low (hypoglycemia) or too high (hyperglycemia). There are 2 types of Diabetes. In the Type 1 Diabetes, the pancreas in unable to produce insulin without which excess amounts of sugar remain in the blood, become toxic over time and lead to headaches, blindness, neuropathy and fatigue. In Type 2 Diabetes, cellular resistance to insulin occurs in the body and is not diagnosed till severe symptoms such as diabetic headaches start to reveal itself. Understanding what a diabetic headache or the symptoms of a diabetic headache is not easy and in some cases the patient is unable to bear the pain associated with the same. Let us analyze what a diabetic headache feels like. What Does a Diabetic Headache Feel Like? The cause of the diabetic headache determines its feeling and extent. There are certain symptoms and sign Continue reading >>

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  1. rivethead

    Hi all
    Im struggling with some ongoing medical issues, I've been tested for diabetes but my results came back fine. However the more I read the more it seems like my symptoms fit Diabetes to a Tee. Can someone tell me what the physical symptoms are of dealing with untreated diabetes? For example. If you had the disease and didn't know, had no meds, didn't check your blood and ate foods without thinking, what sort of reaction would you feel physically?
    Im just trying to see if what Im experiencing is relates at all.

  2. NoCrbs4Me

    There may be no symptoms. Or, the symptoms of type 2 diabetes due to high blood sugar may include:
    Increased thirst
    Increased hunger (especially after eating)
    Dry mouth
    Frequent urination
    Unexplained weight loss (even though you are eating and feel hungry)
    Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)
    Blurred vision
    Loss of consciousness (rare) As well as: re-occurring boils, numbness/pain in feet and/or hands.
    What tests did they run? Can you provide the results here?

  3. Daibell

    Hi. Typical symptoms include frequent urination and thirst with sugar in the urine resulting in candida. Very high sugar levels result in irritability, blurred vision and being a bit 'spaced-out'. If long-term then you may feel tingling as the nerves start to be affected.

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