What Diabetes Requires Insulin

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After A Year Being Treated For Bipolar Disorder Is My Future Now Totally Drug Dependent?

This depends a lot on certain factors. Bipolar Disorder is a hereditary biological neuro disorder. Many genes are involved in the process. Bipolar disorder is a condition in which emotions gain too much power over behavior. These differences are present even when no symptoms are present. When you are born, certain elements are already in place, for most, it is just a matter of time before the disorder manifests itself in various incarnations. Some children get symptoms right away that are obvious during elementary school. Some teenagers start showing symptoms when their hormones cause everything to be out of whack a bit more than usual. Some adults are lucky enough to put it off until their 20's or 30's. Some cases are so mild that the person never even knows they have it or just assume that the way they feel is just 'them' and never seek help. Whereas Borderline Personalty Disorder is usually treated with psychotherapy as the main tool, with medications as needed for certain sysmptoms or to the extent that they are helpful. Bipolar disorder however is treated just the other way around: start with medication as the core ingredient in treatment, and use psychotherapy wherever it mig Continue reading >>

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  1. Pieter van Herpt

    I would ask your physician or current doctor. If you had such a transplant aren't you under supervision of the hospital?
    They know you and they know what's best for you. Not some stranger on the internet.
    Good luck!

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