What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes In Women?

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Print Overview Prediabetes means that your blood sugar level is higher than normal but not yet high enough to be type 2 diabetes. Without lifestyle changes, people with prediabetes are very likely to progress to type 2 diabetes. If you have prediabetes, the long-term damage of diabetes — especially to your heart, blood vessels and kidneys — may already be starting. There's good news, however. Progression from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes isn't inevitable. Eating healthy foods, incorporating physical activity in your daily routine and maintaining a healthy weight can help bring your blood sugar level back to normal. Prediabetes affects adults and children. The same lifestyle changes that can help prevent progression to diabetes in adults might also help bring children's blood sugar levels back to normal. Symptoms Prediabetes generally has no signs or symptoms. One possible sign that you may be at risk of type 2 diabetes is darkened skin on certain parts of the body. Affected areas can include the neck, armpits, elbows, knees and knuckles. Classic signs and symptoms that suggest you've moved from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes include: Increased thirst Frequent urination Fatigu Continue reading >>

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  1. Adee5

    Okra to help with Blood Glucose

    I've discovered and been doing a lot of research with the vegetable okra helping to maintain and even lower blood glucose. We are supposed to cut the bottoms off 2 okra "fingers," slit down the middle and let soak in room temperature water overnight. Drinking the water in the morning (30 min prior to eating/drinking) supposed to help with glucose not being absorbed. Apparently it's the fiber in the "slime" the vegetable puts into the water.
    Has anyone else heard of this or tried it? My BG is very well under control and know that I should discuss this with my doctor and not substitute this finding with my current medication.. But am very very curious..

  2. jadesocean

    A friend sent me the thing about adding it to water. I was really bad with my eating yesterday (july4th). I always have problems with my morning sugar #, so I knew they would be high. I woke up and it was 186! I had soaked the water in the fridge the night before, so I drank it and checked my numbers two hrs later. I was shocked that it went down to 130!! I have been on metformin for a month and ate perfectly before the 4th. I havent been able to get my numbers below 144. It did make me sleepy after I took it so I'm going to try drinking before bed and see if it helps my morning #

  3. Homely54

    Hello Adees5, I have not tried Okra in water but i do cook with it. You can add okra to your diet in many ways, 1 of them is in Stewed tomato and okra, For flavor first saute turkey bacon in a teaspoon or so of olive oil, add onion, garlic cook til fragrant add canned stewed tomatoes and cook til heated and flavors mixed well then add your okra and cook to your desired tenderness. You can add this stew over top brown rice or wheat penne pasta, actually any wheat pasta so long as it'll capture up the sauce with each mouthful. Delish :)

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