What Are The Side Effects Of Stopping Metformin?

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Effects Of Withdrawal From Metformin On The Development Of Diabetes In The Diabetes Prevention Program

Go to: Abstract OBJECTIVE— In the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), metformin significantly reduced the risk of diabetes in individuals with impaired glucose tolerance. Diabetes status was assessed by oral glucose tolerance tests (OGTTs) performed while participants were still taking metformin or placebo. To determine whether the observed benefit was a transient pharmacological effect or more sustained, we performed a repeat OGTT after a short “washout” period during which medications (metformin or placebo) were withheld. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS— All participants assigned to medication who had not developed diabetes at the end of the DPP were asked to have a repeat OGTT after discontinuing the study medication for 1–2 weeks. The predesignated outcome was the odds of diabetes in metformin versus placebo comparisons during the trial and washout combined. RESULTS— There were 1,274 participants who participated in the washout study and 529 who did not because they had already developed diabetes. Before the washout, the odds of diabetes in the metformin group was lower than that in the placebo group (odds ratio 0.66, 95% CI 0.54–0.82, P < 0.001). After the washout, di Continue reading >>

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    I see that a lot of you have seen an endo doctor. Can you tell me what to expect and if there are any questions that I should ask when I see her on November 30th?
    Since having my uterus taken out (which was 3 times larger than it should have been)I am still experiencing a lack of interest in sex. Facial and leg hair growth have excellerated greatly. I was diagnosed with diabetes and it DOES NOT run in my family. My hormone levels are normal however my DHEA was 59. Both my gyno's refused to look at my numbers and dismiss my other symptoms with a solution of one it is your colon, and the other one's answer was bc for 2 months if still in pain let's take the ovaries. Which by the way looked good when I did the hysterectomy. My gp put me on met 500mg at night when my bg test came back as diabetes. Numbers were 148, and my vitamin D was down still so now take 50,000mg a week. So far the met does not seem to be helping with my weight. However it does seem as if my midsection is less swollen then it ever has been.
    So basically any help that anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.

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    YRLITTLECHAMP- well, I'm glad to know it's not just me...I hate missing a day of met. it's like starting the aclimation process all over again.
    any problems with your spiro while taking met? I would really like it to decrease facial hair, but my GYN thinks progesterone is a safer route.
    I'm really glad to hear you're having some success with things.
    By perseverance the snail reached the ark.
    -- Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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    I started Metformin 6 years ago and it did take time for me to get used to it. I was nauseated a lot, and would actually get sick often times. If I "forgot" or was honestly lazy and didn't take a dose of my medicine, it would all come back to me. Once I was on the medicine and my body got used to it, it was better. I take it mainly for diabetes prevention, as I am prediabetic. It has helped me lose weight because it controls my sugar/carb cravings. It has taken time for me to get on the right dosage. I went from immediate release 500 mg a day to 2000 mg a day, and I also now take the ER/extended release version. The change to the current 2000 mg ER was last year.
    I also take Spironolactone for water retention, and Aviane for estrogen/hormone balance. I also take Levothyroxin for Hypothyroidism. I will probably stop taking the Spiro here soon because it basically does the same thing Aviane does, with the addition of water retention control.
    I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 years ago. I was 185 lbs and now I am 160 lbs. My goal is 130 at least!
    Metformin works well, but I'm nervous to stop taking it because of the sugars I crave as soon as I even miss a dose! I hope it truly aids in diabetic prevention, as "they" say. :)

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