What Are The Side Effects Of Stopping Metformin?

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6 Reasons Why Metformin Might Not Be Safe For Pcos

Have you been prescribed metformin for PCOS and are wondering what the side affects are? Metformin is often described as a ‘safe’ drug, but read on to find out why this might not be the case. When I was diagnosed with PCOS, the first thing I asked my GP was what I could take to ‘fix’ it. She gently explained that there was no pill or surgery that could cure my condition. However, there was a drug that could help with the elevated insulin levels caused by it. Metformin, she claimed, was a safe drug with no major side effects that would help with insulin resistance and weight loss. Sign me up. At first, I thought metformin was the wonder drug. I lost about 5kg in 4 months, more than I had ever been able to lose previously. I was ecstatic. I had a quick look online to see whether there were any side effects and initially found that diarrhea, loose stools, fatigue, and muscle soreness were commonly experienced. But I thought that it was small price to pay for finally being able to lose some weight. However, when I investigated further I found that that there are some much more sinister side effects of metformin that aren’t so widely publicised. These include: – Depleting ou Continue reading >>

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  1. AMeyer05

    I'm somewhat confused by your doctors reasoning? I had a stillborn at 22w in February. We are currently 14w pregnant again and my high risk doctor told me that at 16w I will start progesterone shots and that I have to do them every week until 36w. He said they are not recommended until week 16? It was always my understanding that early miscarriages were due to issues in the pregnancy and that nothing could be done if you were having one? They even told me this when they deemed my first pregnancy a "threatened miscarriage" at 17w. I would seek a second opinion personally. I would be concerned about being taken off of progesterone as well! Best of luck momma :)

  2. sesame16

    Thanks for getting back to me. I'm sorry to hear about your loss.
    My understanding from my doctor is that at 12 weeks the placenta takes over as it should be producing enough progesterone that the suppositories are redundant...

    I have heard of other moms starting progesterone later on for other reasons (much like you) so I find it very confusing.

  3. petrap14

    I have had 2 miscarriages because of low progesterone. I will be 12 wks this coming Thursday and last Friday my dr said I could stop taking the progesterone at 12 wks bc the placenta has taken over. She also said I could have some spotting. Hope this helps.

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