What Are Some Differences Between Type I Diabetes And Type Ii Diabetes?

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What’s The Difference Between Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes?

The disorder diabetes mellitus, often just referred to as diabetes, is a disorder within the metabolism of the body. Remember that the metabolism of the body is the process in which the body digests the food eaten, and how the body uses this food for energy. The majority of the food consumed by people is broken down into sugar cells called glucose. Glucose is one of the body”s blood sugars, and is the main energy source for the cells of the body. The entry of glucose into blood cells is the primary way the energy from the food we eat moves from our stomach into our cells. However, this process in controlled by the amount of insulin present. Insulin is produced in the Pancreas of the body and instructs the cells of the body on when to take in glucose. Insulin is released automatically from the brain when a person eats, and is the only hormone of the body to instruct the body to store glucose in the cells. Thus, the amount of sugar in the blood is directly controlled by the presence of insulin. If a person suffers from diabetes, they will have an abnormal amount of sugar in the blood ” “ this is called hyperglycemia. There are two kinds of diabetes a person can suffer from, eac Continue reading >>

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  1. raffi

    I'm about due for another home a1c and I was looking at the available tests. You can get 2 tests for around $30 or 10 tests for around $100. Since I get the lab test twice a year, I'm using the home test twice a year. There does not seem to be a problem storing the home test for 6 months, but if I got 10 tests, I'd be storing it for years. Would it still be good? If so, for how long? I did not see anything in the packages to indicate shelf life.

  2. aggie168

    I am almost certain there is an expiration date on the package. I purchased 3 box when it was on sale before and I gave away the last box to a friend as it get close to the expiration date a little while ago.

  3. TrickyTreeFrog

    I bought had two boxes and there was an expiration date on the box and I think along the edge of the packs inside the box.

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