Unsuitable Exercises For Type 2 Diabetes

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Exercise And Diabetes - A Patient's Guide

Dr Michael Crooke | - Biochemistry Pathologist | Wellington New Zealand Abstract Controlling diabetes and exercising can be a balancing act. This article gives helpful advice on how people with diabetes can exercise safely. EXERCISE AND TYPE 1 DIABETES The choice to exercise or to play sport can be difficult for those with type 1 diabetes. A common disincentive is that control may become erratic, ranging from hyper to hypoglycaemia over short time periods. However, the benefits of exercise usually outweigh the risks and knowledge of the interactions of insulin and exercise will minimise any uncertainties. Important benefits of exercise are improved general fitness, better blood lipids, maintenance of ideal weight, lower blood pressure and requirement for overall lower doses of insulin. Especially for children with diabetes, there is better self esteem/peer acceptance. Within wide limits, having to take insulin should not restrict participation in exercise or sports even those of a vigorous or competitive nature. Those who have established complications of diabetes should check with their medical advisers, as some activities may be more risky and similarly those who are about to new Continue reading >>

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  1. txstara14

    Im new here :) For you ladies out there using metformin quick question?. I just started taking it (500mg 1 x day) ive been reading about all of the nasty side effects from taking it. I dont know how soon this side effects suppose to come, im only takin it for 2 days i dont know if im one of the lucky one or its too soon to get the side effects or it a sign that it doesnt work on me. From experience what you guys think?

  2. NireKS

    I started right off the bat with 500mg 2x daily, and have absolutely no side effects. Actually its kind of made me worry that its not working for me. But I'm glad I'm not the only odd ball with no side effects. as a matter of fact, I had the "side effects" before I even started taking Metformin, and I always felt crummy. But now that I'm taking it I actually feel a lot better. :]

  3. KeysHatePcos

    I am wondering the same, I am currently on Metformin 1500mg and I have no side effects at all, I have been taking metformin for a few months now, my cycles have come reglar (every 32 days) but so far no pregnancy.

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