Type 2 Diabetes Memes

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Type 1 Diabetes Memes

In early 2012 college memes were flooding my Facebook newsfeed – photos with captions representing funny moments and day to day college life. This made me wonder, could I create memes like these about type 1 diabetes? After humming and hawing over the idea, I decided to take the plunge and created a page, Type 1 Diabetes Memes. I posted a couple meme ideas that I had, such as one about wondering if the Coke that I got at a restaurant was actually diet, or those times when you have low blood sugar and there is no good food in the house. The page was slow to take off, but before I knew it, the ‘likes’ were adding up. It wasn’t until my friend Meredith Miller, a fellow university student I’d met at a type 1 diabetes event in Ontario, joined me that the page truly grew beyond any expectation I’d ever had for it. At first, our goal for the page was to share a laugh with others who were dealing with type 1 diabetes, whether a person with diabetes, a spouse or parent. What Meredith and I didn’t realize was how significant this page was going to be, that that we were creating an online diabetes community like no other. Type 1 Diabetes Memes became the place where people could Continue reading >>

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  1. stillivin

    hi all, I am new to the forum and have read through some of the posts and it seems as though there is a lot of knowledge here. So put on your thinking caps please, I need to pick your brain!!
    Firstly, I am 48yo female, type 2 diabetic, diagnosed in 2005 and was put on metformin to assist my diet and exercise program in lowering my blood glucose levels. It worked for a while. However in September of 2007, my blood sugar levels were out of control and I was put on Glucutrol along with the metformin. I also had blood testing done and my liver enzymes came back high(SGOT and SGPT were 10 times high normal). Doc sent me to for abdominal u/s, found a gall stone approx 1" in diameter, but gall bladder is functioning normally(had hydascan). More blood work, SGOT and SGPT are now 20 times high normal. Doc then sent me to gastro who told me to discontinue the metformin. Stay on glucutrol. SGOT and SGPT started coming back down, within 2 months were only 2X high normal. Then 6 weeks later had blood work repeated, SGOT and SGPT are 10X high normal again. No change in medicine, no over the counter meds at all and absolutely no drinking.
    Can anyone help me figure this out?? Is this all due to my diabetes?? Had all the hep panels ran as well, they all came back negative, even autoimmune. My mind is boggled!!

    Let me know what you think. Thank you.

  2. Jeannie143

    Still Livin',
    You are in the hands of specialists and they are stumped so I doubt you will get any better answers from us. I did find some info online that may help you understand the levels better but I don't know if it will help you.
    Elevated SGOT and SGPT levels
    Meds that cause elevated liver enzymes
    Less common causes of elevated liver enzymes
    Be sure to tell your doctors about any other symptoms, "natural" products, pain relievers, cold and allergy medicine, herbal teas, energy bars and absolutely anything else you are consuming that isn't regular grocery store food. Also, let them know if you are involved in working with solvents, dry cleaning agents, paints or other things that have "Use with adequate ventilation" on the label. Wish I could be more helpful...
    ~ Jeannie, Forum Moderator/Diabetes & Fibromyalgia
    I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much. ~Mother Teresa
    "People are like stained glass windows: They sparkle and shine when the sun's out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is light within."- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

  3. Marburg

    Hi Still Livin'
    about 3 years ago I was in a similar situation as you only my liver enzymes were not as high (5x) as yours. Here are a few thoughts about what you are going through and what my doctors did and found. When this problem first appeared for me my primary thought it was the statins and my gastro thought it was the metformin. My primary insisted on staying the course with the met and changing the statins. The first time the enzymes went back down and then as I continued to use the new statin they went back up. Here is what I found out:
    1) nearly any medication including vitamins and over the counter meds, herbal supplements, etc can cause elevated liver enzymes. 2) There is also a medical condition called Fatty Liver that will cause it. This is when an over weight person (not saying that you are--I am) develops fat deposits or bands in or around the liver. 3) Are you taking any cholesterol lowering medications? The statins are a big cause of elevated liver enzymes. This was the ultimate cause in my case. Many of the statins while lowering cholesterol also flush fat through your liver resulting in Fatty Liver and higher enzymes. Once I got off the statins and ate a better diet with more vegetables, restricted fried foods, use no grease or cooking oils except extra virgin olive oil--my liver enzymes went down to normal over a period of about 6 months. Curiously, my last 2 ultrasounds and CT scans do not show Fatty Liver either. My gastro and my primary doctor now think it was the statins and eating fried foods that were the culprit.
    Keep after your doctors to find the cause. Once you find the cause, you should be able to reverse the problem. Keep us posted.

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