Type 1 Diabetes Thanksgiving

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6 Strategies For Surviving The Thanksgiving Meal With Diabetes

6 Strategies for Surviving The Thanksgiving Meal with Diabetes November 25, 2015 || Written by Michelle deHaaff Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. No work, no school and full time with my family are all great things, but the real thing I love is the meal. I usually spend the day cooking with family and spend the weeks leading up to it researching recipes (e.g., buying magazines in the grocery store line that have the prettiest pictures of turkeys, side dishes and of course desserts) until I find the ones that are just right. At our monthly birthday celebration yesterday here at Glooko , we all got to talking about strategies we all use to survive Thanksgiving without driving our blood sugar so high that we regret it for the rest of the weekend. With such a focus on the meal we came up with a list of what many of us felt allowed us to really enjoy the meal in years past, but keep our blood sugars decent. Here are the 6 getting through the Thanksgiving meal strategies we came up with: We recommendwalking! Make it a family tradition to either take a walk just before the meal or just after maybe as a break before clean-up? Even if everyone gets outside and walks just a few Continue reading >>

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  1. sunnybear1962

    i just started taking novolog and was wondering how many units others take before meals. i call in my readings once a week and the doc tells me to add 2-3 more units at each meal so now im up to 20 units. is 20 units alot?
    i also take 75 units of lantus a night and take 4 mgs amaryl twice a day before meals. thanks

  2. Linda1629

    Seems like a lot to me. Maybe you have insulin resistance?
    My daughter (type 1) takes 4 to 10 units of Novolog with meals (it varies with how much she eats) and 12 units of Lantus each night. She weighs about 125 pounds.
    Do you know your carb to insulin ratio? That is how many carbs you eat to take 1 unit of insulin. With my daughter, it's 1 unit of insulin for every 10 carbohydrates she has with a meal so we just adjust the Novolog ourselves according to what she's eating.
    How are your numbers, are they in a decent range? Sometimes it's so hard to keep control of those numbers. Have you seen a dietician yet? They can help a lot. They really helped us with carb counting and knowing what's a good carb and what isn't. It made a lot of difference.

  3. almonkey

    Anytime someone is on an oral drug for diabetes they are type 2. The difference in Type 1 and Type 2 is that Type 1 is simply the person does not produce insulin period. Type 2 is a dual disease. Insulin resistance (usually first) then less insulin production over time...requiring insulin.
    20 units for a Type 2 diabetic is not a huge dose but is somewhat high. Is it working? What are your 2 hr ppgs? The great thing about the novolog is you can titrate it up till you find out what dose covers your meal. 75 units of Lantus is definitely a high dose of basal insulin.
    Many times, Type 2 diabetics have such high numbers they require large doses to get their numbers down but then can require less because they arent as glucose toxic.
    The key is to loose some body fat so you become less insulin resistant. Fat actually interferes with insulin and also is a reason for higher doses. Even 10 lbs can bring down blood sugars w/ great results!

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