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8 Signs Your Child May Have Type 1 Diabetes

Source: Web exclusive, August 2010 Over 300,000 Canadians have type 1 diabetes, yet when your own child is diagnosed with this disease, it can come as a shock. ‘Most kids who get diabetes do not have another family member with it,’ points out diabetes specialist Dr. Maureen Clement in Vernon, B.C. ‘Often, it’s just a bolt of lightning.’ Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed during childhood, often between the ages of 10 to 13. There’s nothing parents can do to prevent this type of diabetes. However, if you notice signs your child might have the disease, you can take action to prevent a serious complication called diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), in which the body runs out of insulin to process sugar and begins to break down fat instead. If your child shows indications of type 1 diabetes, says Clement, then don’t delay in visiting your pediatrician. ‘Don’t say, ‘let’s wait a week or two.’ Get your kid tested that day to make sure they don’t have diabetes.’ And if it does turn out that your child is diabetic, remember that as long as the disease is well managed, she can still enjoy good health her whole life. Here’s what to watch out for. Sign 1: Unquenchable Continue reading >>

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  1. MarkGThomas

    Weird new symptom: blurry vision

    So, I was DX'd with Type II last Monday (a week ago). I immediately changed my diet, started moderate exercise daily (I'm pretty out of shape, so I started light), and I'm testing frequently and taking my 15cc of Lantus daily. Everything seems to be going well, except…my vision is noticeably worse. It started on Sunday evening. I called my doctor, and she insists that the Lantus shouldn't be causing the problem. However, I just had my eyes checked in December (full test with dilation), and they were fine. Also, my BP was fine as of last week, and my exercise is not overly strenuous.
    My next appointment with the doctor isn't scheduled until next week, and I don't yet see a need to go to the ER, but…what is messing with my eyes?
    Does anyone have any experience that could shed some light on this?

  2. MewElla

    Blurry vision - sounds very familiar. When I was first diagnosed, and my bg #'s were all over the board, I noticed my vision immediately. As I got the bg"s down and more in control, my eyesight straightened out. I went to the Dr and he said I did not need to spend money on glasses, wait till my bg"s really settled and then come back.I did and I did not need glasses. It was the taking of control that got my vision back normally. Good Luck to you.

  3. Mizzgreenjeanz

    Thanks for this info! I have been sitting here thinking I was going crazy with my eyes. I've had blurry vision all week. I even thought the other day I might need bifocals at 34! I was having that much trouble with my old prescription! I am happy that I am going to see the eye doc in 3 weeks then! Since my bs# are now in normal ranges and have been for a few weeks now with meds. (oral, thank goodness!) You've eased my mind considerably!

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