Type 1 Diabetes Cure Soon

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New Treatment On The Horizon For Type 1 Diabetes Sufferers

Patients suffering from type 1 diabetes may soon have access to improved approaches to treat the disease, courtesy of new research out of Sydney's Westmead Institute for Medical Research. The team of researchers, led by Professor Jenny Gunton, discovered that pancreatic islets transplants delivered into the quadriceps muscle work just as successfully as the current clinical practice of transplanting islets into a patient's liver via the portal vein. Lead researcher Ms Rebecca Stokes said that transplants into the liver can present certain risks for the patient, so their research investigated safer and more beneficial treatment options for transplant recipients. "Islets are cells in the pancreas that produce insulin," Ms Stokes explained. "Pancreatic islet transplantation is used as a cure for type 1 diabetes as it allows the recipient to produce and regulate insulin after their own islet cells have been destroyed by the disease. "Currently, islet transplants are infused into a patient's liver via the portal vein. This site is used for islet transplants due to its exposure to both nutrients and insulin in the body. "However, islet infusion into the liver also presents certain risks Continue reading >>

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  1. DanC

    Hello everyone.
    My name's Dan, I'm 29 years old and I live in the south-east UK, quite near to Reading. I was diagnosed as being Type I Diabetic when I was 16 and currently have to inject 4 times a day.
    Over the 13 years that I've been living with my Diabetes I think I've gradually developed rather a relaxed attitude to it and as a consequence I haven't always looked after my blood sugar nearly as carefully as I should have done.
    The reason for my post is to ask whether anyone here knows anything much about how Diabetes can affect fertility. My wife and I did manage to get pregnant back in June but we lost the baby at the beginning of August and have now started trying again. I've read several things online though, saying that there's an increased chance of miscarriage if the father suffers from Diabetes and also that sperm can be damaged by poor blood-sugar regulation. I've also read articles saying that being Diabetic has no bearing on male fertility whatsoever so this has left me a little confused.
    At the moment I'm feeling rather angry and frustrated at myself for potentially jeopardising our chances of falling pregnant again by my complete absence of will-power. Obviously I'm working hard to rectify this now but I would love to hear from anyone who has been in the same situation who is now a parent!
    Many thanks for your time!

  2. hanadr

    Hi Dan
    I'm in Reading
    As far as I'm aware, diabetes when under even partial control doesn't affect male fertility.
    I would go to the GP to discuss this.

  3. cugila

    Hi Dan.
    there has been a small study at Sheffield University that MAY show Diabetes to be linked with male fertility. Here is a link to a BBC News article about the subject. There are other links on the net if you care to look.
    The condition may be treatable and as Hana says you should discuss this with your GP and possibly a Specialist to ensure you get the best advice and any treatment.

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