Statins And Diabetes Should We Be Worried

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Why I've Ditched Statins For Good

When I had a routine health check-up eight years ago, my cholesterol was so high that the laboratory thought there had been a mistake. I had 9.3 millimoles of cholesterol in every litre of blood — almost twice the recommended maximum. It was quite a shock. The GP instantly prescribed statins, the cholesterol-lowering drugs that are supposed to prevent heart disease and strokes. For eight years, I faithfully popped my 20mg atorvastatin pills, without side effects. Then, one day last May, I stopped. It wasn’t a snap decision; after looking more closely at the research, I’d concluded that statins were not going to save me from a heart attack and that my cholesterol levels were all but irrelevant. When I informed my GP of my decision three months later, I wasn’t entirely honest. Rather than say I was sceptical about the drugs, I told my doctor I’d quit the statins because they were causing pain in my arm. He didn’t bat an eyelid. Evidence from the drug industry published this month – evidence I suspect was heavily reliant on data from the drug industry, as Dr James Le Fanu pointed out on these pages last week – may suggest that side effects are uncommon, but previous st Continue reading >>

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  1. Anonymous

    How Much Lanuts is Too Much?

    I am a type 2 who takes Lantus once a day before I go to bed. I am currently on 30 units of Lantus and was wondering if that is a high dose or a low dose or average. My numbers are pretty good, and it works for me, but I was wondering what is considered "normal"? Not that anything is normal in diabetes.

  2. Type 2 Don

    I've been taking 120 units before bedtime for 5 yrs. I tried twice a day, and it seemed to work better taking Lantus once a day. 14 units Novolog before meals. Keeps my A1c below 7.

  3. MrsCDogg

    I'm also on Lantus and take 100 units split up into 50 units twice a day.

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