Similarities And Differences Between Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes Venn Diagram

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The Difference Between Type 1, Type 2 & Gestational Diabetes

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  1. Momtoamayalilal2

    Gestational Diabetes-Dawn Phenomenon help?

    I am 28 weeks pregnant and diagnosed GD as of today due to my blood sugar readings the last two weeks (some highs post meal and fasting). I am able to control my post meal numbers with a low carb diet (trying to eat grain free and free of most dairy except cheese, butter and yogurt but agreed to eat corn and beans if it will help keep me off insulin....), but my fasting numbers have still been over 100 the last couple of days. Any ideas on how to get those numbers down? I am trying to adhere to their "diet", modifying it a lot to be healthier ( note: no graham crackers or pretzels ) but wanting to know mostly if I am able to eat low carb and get those fasting numbers down.
    My midwife says protein at night, the dietician agrees..somewhat She wants me to eat a protein, starch and milk (despite me wanting to be dairy/grain free ) at bedtime.
    Anyone have/had GD and give me an idea of what you ate to control with diet only the whole time?
    What kind of snack did you eat before bed to control your fasting numbers?
    A typical day of eating for me (when i am lower carb/grain free/ low dairy):
    Breakfast: Omelet w/ cheese, ham, any veggies I have in hand cooked in lots of butter or coconut oil
    Snack: fruit w/ piece of cheese or nut butter
    Lunch: large salad with eggs, bacon, cheese, full fat ranch (they want me to add a carb here )
    Snack: greek yogurt (plain) w/ sliced almonds, stevia and vanilla
    Dinner: (this has been a problem lately..pizza and in and out..which is getting CUT!!!) will be having meat, 2 veggies and MAYBE some brown rice, corn tortillas, or a starchy carb (like butternut squash or brown rice)
    Before bed: ?? I am usually not hungry at this time but she said I have to eat because there cant be 10 hours in between meals for fasting.
    I am planning on walking 20 mins every night when it cools down and hope that helps some also.
    Anyways, this is baby#5 and the first time I have GD although I have a history of PCOS and Insulin resistance, so I had a feeling it was coming this time

  2. Canadianmumof5

    I had GD with baby #4. I tried to stick to 15g of carbs at each snack. To be honest, I didn't drink much milk since I realized it was 10g or so for a glass. I would rather have yogurt or cheese. But since you are trying to go dairy free, I don't know what a good substitute would be?
    Corn is also high in carbs be careful.
    Your breakfast, lunch and snacks look ok. Is your fasting sugar in check? How about 2 hours post breakfast and lunch? Dinner could be a little carb heavy depending on how much rice and which veggies you choose so keep an eye on portion sizes and the choices.
    My best advice is to walk, walk, walk after every meal. I was able to completely control it with diet and exercise.
    HTH (and congrats on #5 - I am 31 weeks!)

  3. G5052

    The consequences of this can be much more than a temporarily restricted diet. Focus on your baby, not what you're giving up. Uncontrolled GD is a disaster for a developing child.
    When I had GD the second time, I cut out all grains and starchy vegetables. I had one serving of fruit late in the day. This approached was OKed by both my doctor and the dietician as a short-term solution only, and I had to give both a food diary every week in the last six weeks. They also kept a cap on my calories.
    You really won't know your numbers unless you're strict. Pizza is out.

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