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'i Have Type 1 Diabetes And It Isn't Because Of My Diet Or Weight'

With the WHO reporting a fourfold increase in the number of people living with diabetes since 1980, the role poor diet and lack of exercise has in causing the condition is back in focus. Despite eating well and playing hockey, 19-year-old Lydia Parkhurst has type 1 diabetes. "It isn't about diet," she explains. "Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where your pancreas stops working properly." BBC Advice has more help and information about diabetes. Because her pancreas no longer produces insulin, Lydia has to monitor her blood sugar levels throughout the day, and make sure enough insulin is being injected into her body. Type 2 diabetes is mainly driving the increase reported by the WHO and this is caused by a variety of factors, which can include obesity. Not all countries in the world have the resources to do the tests which are required to distinguish between type 1 and type 2, which is why global estimates for them as distinct conditions "do not exist", according to the WHO. "It's important to make the distinction between the two because type 1 is not due to lifestyle choices," says Dr Peter Hindmarsh, a specialist in childhood and juvenile diabetes from University College L Continue reading >>

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  1. alan_s

    I was a bit wary when I read the title. One thing we don't need here is a return of the 'versus' between the types.
    I can't comment on that meds load, we have no idea of the patient's other ailments, but it is worth noting that T2s on insulin use significantly higher doses than T1 because of their high insulin resistance. Some use insulin loads T1s can't imagine; there is a reason Toujeo and u-500 are produced.
    Also keep in mind that one of the common factors on T2 forums is co-morbidity. A high proportion of T2s have other medical problems apart from diabetes complications. Whether that is a factor of age or possibly reduced resistance to other ailments, it can lead to a high med load.

  2. [deleted]

    Exactly. My step-dad is a recently dx'd T2, he gets 14(!) different meds (one of which is to make him able to take all of that), but only 2 are diabetes-related (Metformin and some different one I forgot that lowers blood sugar).

  3. CrackSammiches

    Wouldn't look anywhere near as bad with just a bit of organization.

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