Obesity And Diabetes Statistics

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Epidemiology Of Obesity And Diabetes And Their Cardiovascular Complications

Abstract Obesity and diabetes mellitus have reached epidemic proportions in the past few years. During 2011 to 2012, more than one-third of the US population was obese. Although recent trend data indicate that the epidemic has leveled off, prevalence of abdominal obesity continues to rise, especially among adults. As seen for obesity, the past few decades have seen a doubling of the diabetes mellitus incidence with an increasing number of type 2 diabetes mellitus cases being diagnosed in children. Significant racial and ethnic disparities exist in the prevalence and trends of obesity and diabetes mellitus. In general, in both adults and children, non-Hispanic blacks and Mexican Americans seem to be at a high risk than their non-Hispanic white counterparts. Secular changes in agricultural policies, diet, food environment, physical activity, and sleep have all contributed to the upward trends in the diabesity epidemic. Despite marginal improvements in physical activity and the US diet, the food environment has changed drastically to an obesogenic one with increased portion sizes and limited access to healthy food choices especially for disadvantaged populations. Interventions that im Continue reading >>

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  1. bkeller39

    I was just prescribed Metformin 500 mg. for the first time, to be taken once a day. When is the best time of day to take it? My resting this morning was 114...should I still take it?

  2. Talvie

    I was just prescribed Metformin 500 mg. for the first time, to be taken once a day. When is the best time of day to take it? My resting this morning was 114...should I still take it? My only suggestion about when to take it is after a meal, not because it will bring your blood sugar down from the meal, metformin doesn't work that way, but because it sometimes causes stomach upset in the beginning, and having a full stomach may help with that. 500mg is a minimal dose, so it might not happen, but if you do experience stomach issues, it's rarely for more than two or three weeks. If the discomfort persists, there is an extended release version that usually clears that right up. I've been taking metformin for many years, and am currently on 500mg a day, and I've never had an issue. Most people don't, and with luck, you'll be one of those people, too. :) Sorry you had to join our club, but glad you found us.

  3. maryd98

    I was just prescribed Metformin 500 mg. for the first time, to be taken once a day. When is the best time of day to take it? My resting this morning was 114...should I still take it?
    Hi, bkeller39, and welcome to the site!
    Most people find that taking metformin with food usually helps with the gastric side effects...and so does taking the extended release version. (Just a heads up in case you end up feeling those side effects.)
    I would think that before bed (with a snack?) might possibly be the best time to take metformin because the main way it works is by keeping the liver from releasing too much glucose.
    Even though your fasting BG this morning was 114, I suggest you start taking it since it was prescribed for you....of course, it's your decision, but....it's entirely possible for people with diabetes to have their fasting BG at 114 or lower and still be helped by metformin. It might be that your BG is much higher at other times of the day. Do you ever test at other times?

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