Metformin Not Working For Pcos

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Metformin (glucophage) For Pcos

Metformin (or Glucophage) for polycystic ovararian symdrome (PCOS) by Kelly Why would you be taking metformin or glucophage (metformin is the generic for glucophage) Metformin is a diabetes medicine used for lowering insulin and blood sugar levels in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This helps regulate menstrual cycles, start ovulation, and lower the risk of miscarriage in women with PCOS. It is generally used in conjuction with clomid. The most common side effects of metformin Nausea. Loss of appetite. Diarrhea. Increased abdominal gas. A metallic taste. Tiredness. Problems that might arise and ways to troubleshoot I have always had pretty strong side effects (lots of nausea and always very tired) while taking metformin. It does get better as time goes on but working myself up to the maximum dosage has always been hard. I’ve been to a number of different doctors who have all suggested different ways to work up to my maximum dosage (1500 mg). It is generally suggested that you start with the lowest dose and keep increasing it as you get used to it (or as the side effects start to go away). The first time I took it, I took 500 mg for about three weeks (1 pill in the mo Continue reading >>

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  1. ShanniexCx

    PCOS - 2 years of trying and Metformin not working?

    Hi everyone i was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) just over 1 & 1/2 years ago me and my partner are desperately trying for a baby, i have been on metformin for what seems like ages and have lost between the pair of us 6 stone. My doctors just see it as that im quite young and have plenty of time but it dont feel that way and they have also advised me that metformin is the only thing i can take.

  2. Aimes25

    How long have you been ttc? A combo of Metformin with Clomid proves very successful for women with PCOS. If you Dr. isn't giving you any help, I'd say find a new Dr! Good Luck.

  3. loulou666

    Ask to be referred to a fertility clinic. If the metformin has helped regulate your cycles you may be offered Clomid there.

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