Metformin Makes Me Sad

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  1. alesiafae

    I think different people have different reactions to metformin. Mine was gastro… Related. And fast heartbeat. But it did subside.

  2. jayabee52

    we are all suffering the same disease, but our responses to foods, drinks and meds are often quite unique.

  3. alesiafae

    So true.

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Metformin Blues : Pcos : Active Low-carber Forums

i been on it almost 3weeks and iv lost aptetite and feelin really low got weighed at the docs today, have lost 3 kilos in a month and four days :D iv been feelin sick for the past 3 days constantly. i cant eat cause the thought of food makes me heave, and then i start to feel the hunger and cause i cant eat it makes me feel even sicker, then feel weak and faint and then get the headache. no wonder people lose alot of weight on it with these kinda side affects You have to give it time. I too felt sick to my stomach at first. I don't have any trouble now. Did your doctor start you out on a low dosage? He/she should have..... Make sure you take it with food - that helps. I take mine in the evening with my dinner. he put me on 1000mg a day to start then he sed wen them side affects hav worn off (wich they did after 3weeks) to start takin 1500mg a day and that was 2weeks i go and each day there getin worse Just stick with it! I know it makes you feel like crap. I started taking Metformin in October at 500mgs and every two or three weeks I was to increase all the way up to 2000mgs. It makes you really tired and weak but eventually it will go away. They only thing that has stuck with me Continue reading >>

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  1. CH christineATU

    Hi there Maso! I have a feeling the questioner IS the healthcare provider. Maybe a clinical psychologist. My youngest has her Masters in this area and is also working on her Doctorate. Never received a grade below an A. Sorry, needed to brag about my kid for a moment. Hope you don't mind.
    Have a nice holiday!
    Oh I for got! You're in Peru. Have a nice weekend anyway!

  2. AN

    First I am aslo proud of your daughter (maybe she can treat me!!! )... your are not bragging... that is just the way it is ... congrats, you also have a nice Holiday.
    A bit of input (in the best way intenteded)... I am not in Peru. Do not get we wrong I have, nor will ever be a racist at all, I am in Chile and therefore I am Chilean... down here we have always have had disputes over nothing or somthing with Peruvians... some have migrated to Chile... mafia type, and as you know they are considered to be the second largest producers and distributors of cocaine... so for some years now, we do have a corrupt legal and police system, they have managed to spread this desease among our society... so here in Chile they are not very likeable. I thought you should know... since we are friends, I am not offended in anyway whatsoever my Darling.
    All my best wishes for you and your family have a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! and FOR AL US CITIZENS!

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If you have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, you are likely experiencing a range of emotions. You are not alone in those feelings. The Breast Cancer Warrior shares the emotions felt by women all over the world when they heard those words, "You Have Breast Cancer". This gripping video offers reassurance that there is no right or wrong way to feel in that moment and shares an inspiring message for anyone who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Metformin Making You Emotional?

If this is your first visit, be sure tocheck out the FAQ by clicking thelink above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages,select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Has anyone thats taking Metformin and is very hormonal or emotional? Is that normal? I've been taking Met. for about 8 weeks now and I've recently became very very hormonal. I get very angry and frustrated one min and the next I find myself teary eyed or even crying...Is this the meds....? Please some one help!!! Met sure can mess with your hormones a bit. If it doesnt settle down i would talk to your doc you might do better with XR. kidney stones - potassium citrate & hydrochlorothiazide Man this met is doing a number on me!! I am not a "cryer" at all and ive been on my for about a month and a half now and Ive been so emotional! Ive almost cried 2 times and been watery eyed 3 times...over the stupidest things!! Its so not me!! Im glad to see its not all in my head! yeah, it did make me a little more emotional at first I ended up on anti-depressants while I was away on holiday a month or so after starting Met. When i came Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. julzchiki

    I've posted in a separate thread about my new diagnosis. I've noticed since I've started taking Metformin that I've been oddly moody and a bit more depressed than normal this past week. Has anyone else has this experience. I'm doing some research online right now but wondered of other people's encounters with this drug.
    The last thing I want right now is to feel emotionally worse than I already do. Perhaps after some time, my body will get used to it. Could this just be a side effect of starting the new medication?

  2. fatmad

    I haven't noticed any emotional problems per se with metformin. Most people have gastric problems for a little while, Butter Butt and I get leg pain from it after a while, but mine is manageable as long as I take a b complex supplement. The B's and maybe some vitamin D may be helpful.
    Another reason for emotional ups and downs may be the new diagnosis, ( stages of grieving) and dietary changes, so good supplements may be helpful.
    Metformin doesn't really lower blood sugar directly, so low blood glucose shouldn't be the problem unless your diet is giving you swings in blood sugar.

  3. julzchiki

    Fatmad, Thanks for your thoughts. The supplements is a great idea.

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