Metformin Advantages And Disadvantages

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Questions And Anwers About Metformin And Type 2 Diabetes

DIABETES HEALTH: What is metformin? Dr. Einhorn: Metformin hydrochloride is a new oral anti-hyperglycemic for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It has been available for decades in other countries but has only been available in the United States since May 1995. Metformin increases insulin sensitivity and inhibits liver glucose output. It may decrease the absorption of glucose from the intestine. This is different from sulfonylureas like Glucotrol, Micronase, Glynase, and DiaBeta, which act mainly by increasing insulin production. Because of these different effects, metformin works well in combination with sulfonylureas. DI: Who should take metformin? DE: The drug is ideal for people with type 2 diabetes who also suffer from obesity and abnormal cholesterol and triglycerides. In combination with sulfonylureas like glyburide and glipizide, metformin works well and may take the place of insulin. Metformin is a good first or second line agent for the treatment of obese type 2 diabetics, especially those with resistance to insulin. Typically these are individuals with upper body obesity, hypertension, and lipid imbalances in the blood. Since metformin promotes weight loss, decreases hyp Continue reading >>

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  1. Oskar909


    I 5 years of diabetes type II. First, enjoying metformin, later also insulin.
    For about six months I take 2 capsules of curcumin (turmeric extraktu) per day, and my long value of sugar - HBA 1c was reduced from ist from 11.6 to 6.9 !!!
    From about 6 months no longer I take insulin at all, just another day 2 tablets of metformin. Soon I gonna put too metformin.
    I would like to ask if anyone has also experience with curcumin?

  2. furball64801

    Hi and welcome to DD so glad that worked for you. I took it for over a year and nothing no reduction what so ever.

  3. jwags

    I also take 1000 mg of Tumeric with black pepper a day for my arthritis. It hasn't helped my diabetes at all..

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