Lantus Insulin Vs Victoza

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  1. ClaudnDaye

    As a non-diabetic, I don’t know the answer to this but I’d love to know. I’ve often wondered how your body, brain, etc., “feel” as you are experiencing either a hypo, or a hyperglycemic episode. I ask because I’d love to know what questions to ask Liam when he’s low (and high) as a way to begin having him recognize how his body is talking to him.
    Does everyone experience different feelings? Shaking? Nausea? Sweating? …I just have no idea and I’d love some input.


  2. Eric

    slurred speech
    glazed eyes, the thousand yard stare
    kind of wobbly
    sometimes hungry (this one is often overlooked)
    Think “drunk”
    lots of peeing

    A lot of these are similar. It is extremely important for you to help Liam be able to recognize the feelings. When he is low, ask him how he feels and help him associate the feeling with needing sugar. That is so very important! Get him to understand what a low feels like. Don’t just treat, associate it with the feeling while treating. Make him a BG Ninja.

  3. ClaudnDaye

    I had wondered if “confusion” was one of the symptoms that are experienced because, during the night when he’s sleeping, if we have to treat him and we give him juice with a straw…sometimes he will “suck” on the straw as is expected, but other times he will “chew” on his straw instead of suck from it. During these lows, we have to literally wake him up to make him understand he needs to suck instead of attempt to chew on the straw.

    Thanks for the list!

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